SM Mall of Asia

Cool off, shop, eat and be entertained


SM Mall of Asia taken from atop the ferris wheel

There are SM Malls all over the Philippines and they are great to cool off, find clean restrooms and those favourite items to stem homesickness.

But, the SM Mall of Asia is the largest in the Philippines and it's said to be one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It's located right on the Manila foreshore and here you'll find two floors of shops spread over several acres; more than you can visit in several days.

What you'll find:

Within the mall areas you will find all manner of shops, with all the well known international brands right down to Marks and Spencer, plus cinemas, health and beauty, massage, dozens of restaurants and coffee shops, all the well known international brands,  cinemas and much, much more.

There are lots of snack and sweet shops to tempt both young and old, and you'll find that much of the mall is air-conditioned and there are open non aircon areas where there are restful gardens and a short stroll will take you to the waterfront area which comes alive after sunset, see the video below.

When it csmes to massage and relieving the stress associated with negotiating the city, Foot For The Gods is nice option for the shy while the next level has yet another massage place offering Thai and Swedish massage..


Gardens inside the mall

Every floor has an array of choices and enticements to spend you money, but being the Philippines, mosth goods are a little less expensive than elsewhere, even I-phones and I-pads and it's a good idea to stock up on usb connectors and headphones.

There are a number of restaurants of which the most popular seems to be the Tempura Japanese Grill which often has a half hour or more wait for a table unless you have reserved while most other restaurants you can simply walk in.

Any afternoon trip to MOA is not complete without taking the first level walkway over the street and down the stairs or lift to the waterfront which comes alive after sunset where it's nice to end a perfect Manila day.

The north end features a live concert area where many international acts perform.


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