Smartphones and Health

Damage we are unaware of until...


With the arrival of cellular phones into the marketplace, there was a great deal of concern about the radiation exposure from these devices and some of them literally hurt people's heads while others caught fire and burned holes in people's clothing.

The radiation issue has not been completely resolved but with the new generation of smart phones, the devices can be held a reasonable distance away from the body making the radiation less of an issue.

But a new development and it's very easy to see is that with the cell phone in front of the chest, people are walking around with their faces looking down at their devices.

This affects the body structure because when the faces tilted down, the head inclines forwards causing the entire spine to partially collapse. This causes a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering to phone users although it can take several years before the problem becomes apparent.

Smartphone use creates a poor posture and with the head tilted forward, this causes creates a pressure of about 20-30 kg on the spine, or more if you have big boobs.  Our sedentary lifestyle causes backaches, spinal problems, pains in the neck headaches and some migraines because we have forgotten how to sit up or stand tall and smartphone use exaggerates degeneration.

When the spine is partially collapsed circulation is reduced around the spine and more importantly to the nerves within the spinal column. This leads to a slowdown in perception from all our sense receptors around the body, but with the spine collapsed there is also an increased pressure on our internal organs which contributes to systemic degeneration.

We quickly fell in love without smart phones because it gave us a sense of having the universe at our fingertips. But what has happened also is that families spend the evening in the same room but not talk to each other because they are all too busy exploring that digital universe.

The other aspect of smart phones is the cameras and the addiction to taking selfies. At first they are sweet and nice and next thing you know it your images are being splashed far and wide across the Internet.

Acquiring knowledge is very commendable, but not at the expense of our health and social life.


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