So What about Islam?

And your new Muslim neighbours


It seems the only constant is change then yet we crave peace and stability. As such, we build our lives under the loose guise of democracy and religion that is supposed to ensure a degree of justice and social equity.

In some corners of the world, people have found this peace and stability although it has often come price. Prices have included defeating Germany in World Wars 1 and II. some people have been fortunate enough to buy a small slice of paradise only to be evicted by change.

It seems unlikely that they can ever be any absolute peace and certainly no life without change because the environment we live in is constantly changing which requires us to always adapt. But the biggest cause of change is the mass of humanity.

So what does this have to do with Moslems moving into your area?

In case you haven't noticed, we are in the midst of a significant period of war and conflict centred around the Middle East. Understanding the nature of this conflict is almost impossible though I will talk about that another time. But the big issue is the displacement of people from those regions of war.

Now most of the people being displaced just happen to be Moslems who are fleeing conflict from many places across the Middle East and parts of Africa. Christian and modern social values teach that we should be accepting and care for these people and we do at our peril.

In 2015 alone there were more than 1 million refugees who flooded into Europe and the flood continues. But not only are they flooding into Europe, they are also flowing at a lesser rate into most westernised countries. When they arrived, they are housed, fed and clothed, and helped to integrate into local communities.

Unfortunately for those people who host Moslems, over a few generations the Moslems out breed local populations and take over. This is what the Bosnian war was all about because the whole Czechoslovak region was Christian. Moslems arrived, bred rapidly and then try to evict their hosts.

Of course you do have a small choice, you and your family can also become Moslems in which case you may be able to integrate for a few generations. But this is not really the end of the issue because Muslims seem to enjoy killing each other and if you follow some of the work of Bill Warner, he explains in more detail what I've just said and provides statistics on how many Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims.

What's the world would there be under Islam?

Muslims don't accept that there are any laws of nature and they have little use for science. So the world would once again become agrarian in a way that the Khmer rebel leader Pol Pot would probably dance in his grave.

Whatever happened in the world would simply be the will of Allah and the world would revert to how it was in 10,000 BC. Unfortunately in a democratic society the individual has almost no say as to what happens within local communities let alone countries.

In terms of understanding Islam, there is little to believe beyond the fact that God is great and the name of God is Allah. Beyond that all you have to do is a certain amount of conniving to maintain a place in society.

islamIf you want to become a Muslim, and go for it by all means because it is one way of extending your genetic lineage for a few more generations. But a few think that humanity has more to do than insurers most basic survival and perhaps solve the problem is to why we are here or ascend to the stars, then you need to use every ounce of persuasion and help educate the world as to what Islam really is.

If you have played the video on Moslem neighbours, Bill Warner has a treasure trove of factual information covering everything there is to know about Islam. All this information is purely factual and if you have the time to do the research, you will arrive at the very same facts because his work is reproducible and without any emotion or hysteria.

Some of the facts about Islam include the enshrined rights to make war, to use lies and deceit, to rape and to take slaves because these are the things that Mohammed did and good Muslims are supposed to do all the things that Mohammed did.

Bill Warner:
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The falsehood of Kill One - Kill Humanity


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