So what about Israel?

An ongoing Middle Eastern dilemma

juwsalemThe old Testament of the Bible provides a very tenuous and uncertain history about the origins of Judaism. It seems more likely to me that there may have been a tribe or a group of people migrated out of India some 3000 or 4000 years ago, and like other groups migrating from India, they forgot the Dharma and picked up other beliefs that eventually led to the compilation of the Torah.

While there is debate about the legitimacy of title to the land known today as Israel, according to the biblical narrative, there is no doubt that they (Jews) have over different periods of time occupied a portion of the broader region known as Palestine. In more recent times, those who called themselves Jews were either evicted, killed or integrated as Islam spread across the region.

Those who call themselves Israelis or Jews today are an industrious people who are highly adaptive problem solvers. Back in the 1970s, the kibbutz system was held in high regard as a model of excellence by people in other countries wanting to become more environmentally conscious and who wanted to create more sustainable, independent and communal lifestyles.

No one really knows if the United Nations and the British government had any legal right to create the Balfour declaration, however it's very clear that the inhabitants of the region were not very happy. One may assume that if it wasn't for the fact that the Palestinians are Muslims, the re-establishment of Israel may have been little more than a blip in the regional history, al everyone would have been happy.

However it is written into the Islamic texts that Muslims are not to associate with non-Muslims. It is also written the Islamic texts that non-Muslims may not own land or have any civil or even human rights. The Islamic texts stipulate that non-Muslims must either leave, convert to Islam, pay taxes to the Muslims or die. Therefore the refounded Israel was located in a very hostile place. All the surrounding countries are hostile, but as well as that, the Muslim population within Israel was intent on bringing about the total destruction of the Israeli state.

Muslims have lost a war and refuse to admit it--they keep on fighting instead of asking for peace terms.
Jews have won that war and keep on winning it by building settlements in the territory they conquered.
Obama and Kerry are having fits of impotent rage because their demands are being ignored by Muslim and Jews.
Their solution? A resolution from the even more impotent UN. That's called smart diplomacy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu's UN speech Sept 2016

Since its inception, the Israelis have faced hostility and several full-scale wars. It has only been its allegiance with the USA combined with the People's ingenuity and steadfastness that they have been able to endure for so long. As the Arab world became more affluent, more and more resources flowed to the Palestinian activists and although Israel is a small country, militarily it has become one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Today much of the world criticises Israel for building it's wall and extending settlements into the West Bank, it is severely criticised for its treatment of the Palestinians who are mostly Islamic fundamentalists whose primary ambition in life is to wipe Israel and Israeli citizens from the surface of the earth. This is not an exaggeration and I am not making this up. If you think that line was made up, I challenge you to actually sit down and read the Islamic texts of which only two percent is related to religion. Most of the content of the Islamic texts are about how to treat non-Muslims.

So today, Israel finds itself between a rock and a hard place. It is situated in an extremely hostile place, but the price of defending itself is the criticism by the International community who are only beginning to wake up to the reality presented by Islam.

So while the Israeli's by and large believe in what most people know is the old Testament of the Christian Bible and its justification for their existence, they are just as entitled to their beliefs as anyone else. And certainly one say that their right to exist shouldn't be compromised by the even more unbelievable Muslim beliefs that are held on to by the people generally referred to as Palestinians.

Near Eastern Archaeology Professor, William Dever
on Folk Religion in Ancient Israel.
William Dever on youtube

If you want to delve back into history, it was Canaan and Judea (from another Christian story), but the region has also been ruled by Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, the Hittites and the Egyptians at different periods throughout history. But none of us have to agree on this history, but we must all acknowledge the basic right to life, the right to freedom and liberty. Some people argue that Judaism or its political branch referred to as Zionism that wants to take control of the world. No one really knows if this is true, but what is true is that Israeli people are survivors and world leaders in their own way. But if you think about the world that we live in, would you rather have Jewish neighbours on Muslim neighbours?

So while the Israeli's by and large believe in what most people know as the old Testament of the Christian Bible and its justification for their existence, they are just as entitled to their beliefs as anyone else. And certainly one say that their right to exist shouldn't be compromised by the even more unbelievable Muslim beliefs that are held on to by the Palestinians.

Christians and Muslims force people to believe in their ideas or die, but I've never heard of that being said of Judaism. In today's crumbling world, Israeli technology is just what the world needs to conserve water and produce food in the most hostile of conditions. Those people out there who deride Israel as being a demonic imperialist power must read the books of Islam.

"Dear Anti-Israel Activist
If you cared about the Palestinian people, you would protest the thousands killed and imprisoned, the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians gassed, bombed, and displaced in Syria. But you don’t, because you haven’t (yet?) figure out how to blame Israel and the Jews for this wholesale death and destruction.

If you really cared about the Palestinians, you would fight to improve their education, public health, and economic opportunities. You would advocate for dismantling the UN agency that prevents resettlement of descendants of Palestinian refugees, instead nurturing statelessness and victimhood for generations. You would object to the brainwashing of children in schools and summer camps, of youth on social media and adults in mosques and the media, indoctrination to hate and incitement to violence. If you were a true progressive, you would fight for the rights of women, of LGBTQ, and of religious minorities, all of whom suffer enormously in Arab (including Palestinian) societies. If you cared about freedom of expression and a free press, you would oppose the arrest and abuse of journalists by both Palestinian governments.

And if you really cared about Palestinian statehood, you would invest in building institutions and infrastructure, and in fostering a social climate conducive to eventual Palestinian self-rule and self-sufficiency. You would educate for peace and coexistence, not violence and war." Tumblr



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