Sociology and behaviour

The attempt to understand life

Humanity is an experiment, we don't know our origins or why we're here alive. We have discovered there are thousands of different ways to live, some of them support life and some of them destroy life.

The thrust of civilisation is destroying life and enabling a small minority to glorify themselves that everyone else's expense. In this section of the site you will find stories that are antilife and pro-life, but to become more pro-life we need to examine our needs, our morality and our behaviour.

Sociology is a fascinating subject and yet when we delve into it, most students and researchers leap in from the foundation of our current day situation without taking into account our long-term history or evolution and basic requirements for human survival.

In my view, civilization is a failed experiment and any new sociological theories need to address our very real needs of collective survival. For instance, can you imagine a world without money, a world were every individual agrees to to conduct their lives peaceably and work for the collective happiness and survival of all species?

The world of finance is broken beyond repair and in people’s race for survival, the profit motive is a guiding factor which leads to increased selfishness and the accumulation of wealth by a few. This renders the bulk of the population powerless and defenceless in the way is going now is likely to lead to the extinction of all life on earth.

A horrible thought I know, but civilizations throughout eternity have come and gone, and in my opinion largely because we have failed to become fully human. There is a traditional approach to sociology know as Jana Yoga or the yoga of wisdom.

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