Space and Places for Massage

The massage room or space

Massage master at work

Massage is a versatile healing art, it can be done almost anywhere from living rooms to bedrooms or spare rooms, and serious practitioners will have a room set aside for massage, and perhaps some other spiritual practices.

Some massage can also be done in public places usually without the person completely undressing and it is common for many therapists to work on beaches or in malls.

Physical Space
In nice weather or if you reside in a tropical country, massage can be done outdoors out of direct sunlight. But for privacy and warmth in cooler climates, the massage room is a warm space and ideally is large enough that you can walk around the client/table with room to spare, so an ideal room size would be from 4x3 metres, but as your room gets larger, so do your heating bills.

Your room also needs to be a quiet and private place and a nice option is a room with an attached bathroom with toilet and shower. It also needs shelves or drawers to store your sheets, towels, oils, balms and everything you regularly use during treatments

On the Floor
If you are, fit, supple and comfortable working on the floor, or specialise in Thai Yoga Massage or Shiatsu, the floor is a good option and all you need is a little padding for your client to lay on.

On the Bed
This is also the place you sleep and it can be a nice place to massage close friends and family. Beds are nice for intimate relaxation and sensual massage, but for deep tissue work and remedial massage they are often to soft as when you press, the client sinks down into the bed and a bed is seldom long enough for the masseuse or masseur to fully access the entire body.

The Massage Table
This is ideal, it provides a good surface for client comfort and for you. Set to the right height, it saves you from hurting your back and enables you to effectively treat people.

Sheets and towels add to the comfort factor for those you massage but also add to your laundry time and expenses. To protect your table you generally need a sheet or towel for the person to lay on as well as a sheet or towel to cover them which you can easily move about.

A nice addition especially in winter for those with cold extremities are hot towels and even wheat-bags for added warmth and comfort.

If your room is to cold, then you will need to keep you client well covered and some people love being swathed in warm towels and this is fine for cosmetic massage treatments but not so practical for remedial therapy.

Remember that when working with oils, that your clients temperature will drop 5° once you apply the oil, so your room generally needs to be around 20 - 25° so that they are comfortable. Note that most electric heaters except fan heaters are ok. Fan heaters dry out the air and are noisy. LPG gas heaters are not suitable as they consume the available oxygen and emit toxic fumes.

Ambient music assists relaxation and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. Music can also be very therapeutic.


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