Substitutes for Love

And human needs


Radhe Krishna are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of the feminine and masculine aspects of God representing the loving ideal or peak of human possibility.

Even though we think we love someone and even though we fall in love to a degree that we experience an emotional euphoria and sense of well-being, this is not really what love is.

Love is a state of pleasantness within an individual and between people, it is a state of being and not an action. It is one a of life to become love and in doing so you become a very pleasant person who people want to be with.

However we live in a world where love is becoming increasingly rare. Conflict, crime and corruption rules and the ordinary citizens of the world do what they must in order to survive which disconnects them from life. The disconnect from life creates lifestyles where love is often absent.

Marriages are often of convenience and societies exist in states of codependency instead of interdependency. Codependency is dysfunctional and causes a great deal of unhappiness, and reduces our ability to love and be loved. Interdependency bias very definition implies that a higher level of consciousness is required and it is that high level of consciousness which is able to become loving.

Everyone is searching for Love".
Motivational Speech By Gaur Gopal Das

Yet love as a goal in life, everyone wants to love and be loved, it is an integral part of our human nature yet for many people it seems so impossible that they simply give up. It may seem strange but sometimes when people give up on trying to be something, they actually become who they are and they discover love.

Because the world is so mixed up, many people equate sex as being love because sex is very pleasurable and sometimes it can help to generate a very pleasant warm and loving atmosphere between two people. Good sex helps people in codependent relationships to coexist, yet there are so many who are lost and looking for love in all the wrong places.

Seek not love
seek to be loving and
love others as yourself

Men have always been able to go to the brothels for sex, but over the last 50 years brothels have evolved to cater for women. We are still going through process of sexual liberation and almost everyone can have sex for a price. But sex is not love, it is an indulgence in pleasure and a substitute for love.

Krishna Das
I want to know what love is

Sex often provides a degree of stress release and intimacy, and intimacy is a step closer to love because to be intimate, to be genuinely intimate, one must set aside prejudices and expectations to be in that intimate state of pleasantness.

Those who are more intellectual seek intellectual pleasantness whereas those who are more physical seek physical pleasantness. However by seeking pleasantness in any form outside of oneself is seeking some kind of substitution for what is lacking within.

The Buddha and countless yogis realised this which is one of the reasons that prompted their inner journey, that exploration of self that results in self-realisation or enlightenment. This intensive self-study is not everyone's cup of tea, but if everyone took a few more steps in that direction, our world could well be a much better place.

Self Help

Other people may like you or not, some people may be very pleasant toward you and you may experience people who are very pleasant to be with, but the moment you fall in love, you may lose yourself. This may be satisfactory and if you are happy then all is well and good.

But if you are not happy and you are turning to things that give you a short-term pleasure and short-term happiness as a substitute for eternal happiness, then there are many possibilities.

The first step is to realise that it is possible for all human beings to achieve a state of independent happiness, this is a happiness that does not rely on anyone else which can only be achieved through self realisation.

The second step is to realise that you are a person with a body and mind which is yours to do with as you please providing that you do not cause unhappiness and suffering for others. I should point out that by creating suffering for others, that will at some time returned to you in the form of some unpleasantness. Remember those wise words, as you sow, so shall you reap which is what many people call karma.

The third step is to realise that the world is in a total mess and you have the opportunity to be part of the mess existing in a state of codependency with little real control in your life, or you can take a little action to ease your own suffering by taking care of your body and mind.

sacral1Body care involves good hygiene, good diet, some exercise as well as rest and relaxation. Minds can be a little more problematic because your codependent state the mind will govern your life, but the mind is a tool for thinking and if your mind is running your life, it's time you took control which can be done through meditation.

To aid the process of taking control of your life, spending time in nature, taking part in non-competitive activities and even having massages all help to restore one's sense ability.

Massage is needed in the world, because love is leaving and people are losing touch with reality - the ground that is their bodies. Little by little, we are forgetting how to play, how to touch deeply with affection and without an agenda. Humans becoming more like automatons, and as a result, diseases are multiplying because we are forgetting that touch is an instinct that makes us human and healthy.



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