Surviving Rape

A rape survivors story

yoohoOver 5,000 children under 16 raped every year in the UK and over 62,939 in the USA but only a small percentage are ever reported and fewer prosecuted. Since the influx of Muslims into the EU in 2015, across the board rapes increased by 162,00 although some authorities dispute this. Many Muslims consider sex with girls as young as four legal and as culturally appropriate behaviour for men. 

Hi there, my name's Elaine but people call me Lenny and I still live in London not far from where I grew up. I only have vague memories of me, me mum and little sister being dirt poor after me dad went into nick. I was only four years old at the time then mum got a new fella called Barry. I think I liked him at first but then he started his secret games of touch and within a couple of months he was fully having his way with me.

I don't remember if it hurt very much the first few times but a year later when some other guy had his way with me I realised he had a rather small dick. So here I was as a 5 year old getting banged a couple times a week by Barry and to scared to tell anyone. By the time I was six he was also getting it on with my younger sister unnoticed by mum who was working part-time during the week and full-time over the weekends with my so called stepdad in charge.

I guess we were fortunate that he wasn't particularly cruel, like he didn't really hurt us very much unless we did something wrong and he'd give us a good whack, but as long as we obediently had sex when he wanted he was happy. Anyhow after I turned six he was doing a bit of dealing and one Saturday I come home from my friends house and he had another couple of guys there.

I never liked them but Barry grabbed me and made me give them both a blow job and then they watched him fuck me. That was humiliating because I'd gotten to a stage where having sex with them was no more unpleasant than having to help with the dishes.

After that he ketp me home on the weekends and he was charging guys a fiver to have sex with me, but he was thoughtful enough to provide condoms and lube. A few of them had quite big cocks that hurt a bit, but on the whole it wasn't such a bad experience although I was also learning that it was totally wrong and illegal.

Any how we carried on and when I was nine I began to assert myself a bit more and I think by this time mum knew full well what was going on but she didn't say anything and there was no way I could talk to her about it. But I started acting up with him and although he slapped me a few times, I wasn't really hurt and he started giving me some decent pocket money and buying me clothes.

I'm not sure why but most weekends my sister would stay with some friends across the way though I think he continued to molest her two or three times a week. But then Barry and mum had a big falling out and thankfully Mum was earning enough to pay the bills and we had enough to eat.

After a month I was missing them fellas and I found out where Barry was living and I started visiting him on Saturdays. It was just like old times. I was a lot more assertive and he gave me a bigger cut and by this time he was charging a tenner with me getting half but I had to buy my own clothes. Then he got busted for dealing and got put in nick. For a while I sneaked a few guys into my bed until mum found out and threw a fit. I knew assure the girls on the game and I started working in with a few of the girls who'd managed to retain their independence to us some of the guys who worked as pimps were really horrid.

I dropped out of school as soon as I was 15, having sex was easy and it didn't matter who with although now I look back I feel more horrified than I did then. Anyhow, here I am more than 10 years later. I'm still alive and screwing fellas for a living.  For the most part the works quite easy and the biggest risk is getting busted and I know quite a few girls who've done time. So now I'm keeping myself fit, going to night school to finish my education and trying to save so I can get a nicer flat in a better neighbourhood and put my prices up.

I know some kids that have been raped have had a really horrible time and I've heard stories of mothers doing time because they killed their daughter's rapists. I've also heard of others who've bent over backwards to send their kids rapist to jail and it seemed that the more people fight this injustice, the messier and more traumatic it becomes for everyone involved.

So while I think it might have been nice if I'd had a more normal life as a kid, I don't think it's done me too much harm, it's quite likely that I would have ended up in this kind of work because I know at least a dozen girls from school who are doing it.



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