Could it become Europe's first Islamic State?

Currently 59.5 million people - nearly 1 percent of the world's population - are refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced and half of them are children.

The case of Sweden

The Swedes have taken in more than their fair share of refugees and Muslims account for about 5% of the country's 9 million people and a backlash against immigrants is building. But it may be too little too late.

In 2016, Sweden received 28,939 asylum seekers. Yet Sweden is a predominantly Christian country in northern Europe but most asylum seekers to Sweden came from three Muslim countries in the Middle East: Syria (5,459), Afghanistan (2,969) and Iraq (2,758).

Why is it that people from these three Muslim countries choose to cross Europe to come to Sweden? What is it that Sweden offers that attracts people from the other side of the world?

Sweden's neoliberal government is exceedingly generous with taxpayer money. It gives refugees generous handouts, social and medical support. Officially there is an integration policy, but Muslim refugees are bound by their beliefs and powerful social pressures not to integrate and forever remain a thorn in the country they are occupying until they can take over.

Police were forced to shoot at protesters as violence erupted and SWEDEN’S capital was plunged into chaos on Monday February 20 2017 as police were forced to fire at rioters after violence erupted. “Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but no one dares or wants to say why.” ~ Peter Springare

Companies have been accused of profiteering in a country that takes large numbers of refugees, including unaccompanied children. Mass immigration, mostly from Muslim nations, has utterly transformed many Swedish cities, leading to the development of “no-go zones” where law enforcement fears to tread.

The hostility of immigrant communities toward native Europeans is so great a news crew visiting Rinkeby, Sweden, was attacked by hostile residents when they investigated the neighbourhood known as “Little Mogadishu.”

Pamela Geller, an internationally renowned anti-Shariah activist and WND columnist, said the Swedish government is essentially losing control of its own territory - its Government is in denial that the no-go zones exist and there is a blanket mainstream media denial and demonization of anyone who dares to say that they do exist or reports crimes by Muslims.

In these no-go areas, Muslims respect only the Shariah, not the law of the land. And they’re growing. The attack on the camera crew shows that Muslims in these areas believe that they can act with impunity, without fear of any consequences from the government or police.

"February 24th 2017:  German government issues warning to its citizens not to travel to Sweden due to the “increased threat levels of terrorism.”

In fact since World War II, Sweden has become one of Europe's model countries. They have enjoyed a relatively low crime rate due to good social equity and a very nice lifestyle. As a consequence, they have small police force combined with a neoliberal obsession with not offending minorities.

In recent weeks Sweden's female politicians have as a token gesture to appease Moslems been wearing head scarves. Over the past months they have been saying that being raped is a fact of life and the women of Sweden should simply used to it.

We must remember that the direct translation of the word Islam into English means submit. The Swedish authorities by bending over backwards to appease their Muslim community artefact submitting as are many other governments. This weakness gives the Muslims every opportunity to demand more and take over the administrative control of more regional centres.

If the Swedish people don't stand up and demand protection, they will have no choice but to submit although as with the rest of Europe, a Civil War as took place in the Balkans is the most likely scenario, but who knows, Will the Swedish simply cave in?

"Sweden does not publish official data on the race or ethnic identity of criminals, which is actually common among European countries. Anti-immigration publications like Breitbart have used this fact to accuse Swedish authorities of covering up the truth about immigrant crime." ~ Zack Beauchamp

How young Muslim activists in Sweden are trying to protect youths from radicalization


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  • Christian

    What are these vulnerable areas everyone’s talking about? This debate began in 2015 when the Swedish police released a list of so-called “vulnerable areas” as part of their work to map the situation in some of the country’s segregated suburbs. An updated report has now been released, which is likely to be the focus of a lot of discussion in the run-up to Sweden’s general election in 2018.

    The Swedish police have released a new report on vulnerable areas in Sweden. Read here about what that actually means.

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