Sex Addiction

A psychological ploy to confuse

Opinions vary and experts disagree as to what sex addiction is. The moral righteous may consider sex beyond the need to procreate abnormal, the average married couple may have sex every few days which helps maintain relationships. But healthy individuals may also have sex two or three times per day which may seem unusual, but its not abnormal.

Human beings are designed for sex.

Like other apes, humans don’t just have sex for reproduction, we have sex for social recreation and bonding. How much sex we have varies greatly between individuals and is a reflection of lifestyle, education and health.

Unfortunately human sexuality has become a commodity that is widely traded, moralists and experts have

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The Down Side of Pleasure

A look at addiction

Addiction is a compulsive condition that reduces a persons ability to function as a ‘normal person’ within their society. In other words, when a person become addicted to a drug or an activity, they are unable to fully control their behaviour.

The reason that people become addicted is that they are not fully in control of their lives and that they are experiencing aspects of the lives as being unpleasant. When they find a drug or activity that is so pleasurable that they temporarily forget the unpleasant things in their lives, pleasurable things begin to take precedent in their life. The actual process of addiction is subtle and most people don’t realise that they are

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And Compulsivity

As a species we get addicted to so many things from money and power to sugar, sex and other behaviours, various drugs and alcohol. All of these addictions or compulsions arise through a combination of deep-seated unhappiness and improper education.

Western civilisation believes that it is built on a rational foundation, it is all about what is around us and evolving practical solutions to make our lives more pleasant. Unfortunately this patriarchal view of life where we are separate from nature is creating our undoing.

Conversely, Eastern civilisation and here I speak more of India as the world’s first and most enduring civilisation where there is a balance between outward expression and material comfort balanced against internal observation

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Power to heal or destroy

Recreational drugs

The term ‘drug’ as we know it generally refers to classes of organic and inorganic chemical compounds and preparations designed to have a specific effect on the body / mind of an individual. Drugs have always been a part of human society and essentially every known substance is a drug because it has some chemical or energetic effect which may be potentially harmful.

While drugs were originally designed to help treat disease and reduce suffering, unfortunately today many of the drug manufacturers are producing compounds designed to keep people alive and unwell. In other words they are keeping people sick in order they can keep on selling their drugs and making

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