Pausing the conversation

Defining relationships

I’ve been reading through other people’s stories and ideas about the changes in human relationships. The Christian moral perspective is that anything other than a unrelated male-female relationship is somehow a crime, an attitude that denies the fact that love can exist independently of this ideal. Disease is not discussed, but must be remembered.

So let’s look at some of these situations.

Incest between a father and daughter, or mother and son:

Within some branches of Islam, sex between fathers and daughters, older brothers and sisters is legal and encouraged as is marriage between cousins. But when these relationships produce children, genetic weaknesses and mutations occur giving rise to physical deformities and mental illnesses. This has also

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Family fun

Teenage sex question

Hi Dianna, I read a couple of your stories about a year ago and to be honest, I didn’t really think much about them beyond a few ideas to masturbate to. But since then I’ve been going to yoga, meditating and then recently I had this crazy sexy experience that I just have to tell someone, so this is what happened.

We moved into this new house about six months ago and when I was setting up my room, I discovered a USB cord sticking out of the wall. I had no idea what it was, so I plugged it into my laptop and discovered that there were cameras in every room of the house.

Then I

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Carnal knowledge

Am I Illogical?

Chelsea writes:

My husband Paul died in an accident 10 years ago leaving me and my daughter Marylou in limbo. I had one hell of a struggle to survive financially because my parents never approved of Paul and his parents didn’t particularly like me.

Marylou was only five at the time and I think she handled things better than me. We were fortunate that I was able to sell the house before the market crash and I did that because I couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage. So we downsized to a small condo in walking distance to Marylou’s school.

To fill the emotional gap left by Paul’s absence, I started sleeping around and sometimes for money,

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Growing up

The origin of the word, “adolescence” is from the Latin verb, “adolescere,” which means, “to grow up.” Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. This transition involves biological (i.e. pubertal), social, and psychological changes.

The teenage years are from ages 13 to 19. In fact, early adolescence is the most difficult phase of life, as children cannot express their problems correctly because their power of expression and their knowledge of their own psychology are not mature enough. Due to physical changes, hormonal changes, and constantly changing moods, teenaged children have many unexplained and unexpressed problems.

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Growing pains

A girls life

I remember my parents used to argue a lot after which they had noisy sex and things would be okay for a few days. I wasn’t supposed to see all this, but in our small two room apartment there was no way I could avoid knowing everything that went on.

But their relationship became so predictable that I was able to visit my friends when they were fighting although I liked being there when they made up. The walls in our apartment were so thin I made several holes so I could watch them having sex.

The arguing never made sense, but sex looked like fun and before long I was experimenting with boys at school. I

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Boy Trouble

A girl’s growing up

I’m one of those unfortunate people who lives in a rundown tenant block, there is high unemployment and the kids have nothing to do except get into trouble and I knew all about it, but until now now I’d been fairly safe.

Like most of the girls in the neighbourhood, I guess I dress like a tart and one evening as I was walking home from work I saw these two young guys loitering outside the corner store. They hadn’t seen me and as I approached I got the feeling they were about to try and rob the store.

Then as I walked past the taller one asked my name and the other one tried to

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Sara & Justine

An adventure with fruit and sex toys

“Well if we’re the last people alive in the world we have each other” Justine said.

“But what about men and sex?” Sara asked, “I like a good cock, christ I’ve been doing it most days like it seems forever and even now I’m horny enough to open my legs for the first fifteen”.

“Maybe just the seven’s” Justine replied, but I know what you mean” as she slid her hand up the inside of Sara’s thigh. “Perhaps we will have to please each other”.

“That’s nice” Sara said as Justine’s fingers found and began stroking her pussy through the transparent film of her knickers. “But I’m not a lesbo” she said remembering

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A young girl’s story of being kidnapped (R)

Thousands of girls disappear every year

Nina was walking home, having enjoyed her day at school and she felt delighted with her school companions and the warm sunny afternoon. When they came to her street, she said goodbye to her friends and thoughtfully turned her mind back to the school lesson of the day as she walked the 200 m to her house unaware of the two men behind her until she was grabbed.

Her world went dark, she was bundled into a vehicle, her mouth, hands and feet bound with tape so she couldn’t move, and her head covered with some rough and scratchy cloth which at the moment

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Candy Cain Pt 1

An adult story of kids growing up

Candy couldn’t quite remember when she’d first seen cheerleaders on TV and it looked like the sexiest fun a girl could have. While she was waiting until she was old enough, she practised in her bedroom and with some of her girlfriends who had similar ambitions. Her mother tried to talk her out of it, but by the time Candy was in her teens, she impressed her family and her friends so much with her high leaps, flexibility and strength, she was allowed.

As soon as she graduated from junior school, she easily passed a selection and she was over the moon to be in the team. As juniors, their skirts and tops

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Learning Sexual Behaviour

Life is weird yet we learn to adapt

Shelly had been an average child in every way, her family was rather dysfunctional. Her parents were both having a bit on the side when they could get it and her mother flirted openly with most men.

Like most girls, she saw flirting and overt sexual behaviour towards boys and men as being completely normal, and like all children she emulated her parents behaviour.

At school she was a bit of a flirt and modesty was only a pretence, yet when boys hit on her, she learned to keep them at arms length because she hadn’t seen her type of flirtatious adult behaviour carried through into the bedroom and sex was the

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