Adult Christchurch

naughty and nice if you’re lucky

A city with about 400,000 people, Christchurch has a vibrant night-life with a wide range of restaurants theatres cinemas hotels, nightclubs and bars scattered around the city.

Since the destruction of the city by earthquakes, most of the centrally located adult venues have moved into the suburbs and the activity for me associated with what was known as “the strip” has moved to Lincoln Road and the Addington area.

All bars have to conform to regulator standards and they are fairly safe. You’ll often find hookers working them and there are several strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours.

If you’re looking for sex, there are a range of brothels and there’s often girls walking

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Adult New Zealand

Get your leg over 😉

The New Zealand sex industry is legal, you’ll find a wide range of services. Sex workers have legal rights so don’t go abusing them as the comeback is strong. Condoms are mandatory as are good manners.

Many of the better class girls can be found on websites and some brothels offer a good choice. The better brothels also have floor show and the Whitehouse in Auckland is reputed as being one of the best.

Otherwise you can troll the many clubs and bars.

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