Massage Fun

Getting more than I expected

Hello again, I’ve already shared with you my search for the perfect massage and since I’ve been married, I’ve broadened my horizons and opened myself to some interesting experiences. But first I should tell you that even though I’m married, work often keeps us apart and he is happy for me to indulge in such physical pleasures.

We’d only been back from the honeymoon for two weeks when we went to a party and I got talking about massage with the lady of the house who said her husband had magic hands and enjoyed treating family and friends. We weren’t exactly friends, but he was friendly enough and after my new hubby agreed, we scheduled

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Leela and Jane

A massage tutors tale

Leela and Jane arrived for their massage lesson. After the introductions and housekeeping notes I left them to change and returned a couple of minutes later. As I walked in Jane said, “since its so warm in here I figure I needn’t wear much, after-all, I’ll be on the table soon.” Leela was laying face down on the table with a small towel over her butt and Jane who was idly tracing her fingers over Leela’s back looked very cute in her very panty thong. Her boobs swung freely.

I felt suddenly overdressed in my shorts and singlet, I said “yes” and went on to explain a little more theory. Then I demonstrated how to apply

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Adult Christchurch

naughty and nice if you’re lucky

A city with about 400,000 people, Christchurch has a vibrant night-life with a wide range of restaurants theatres cinemas hotels, nightclubs and bars scattered around the city.

Since the destruction of the city by earthquakes, most of the centrally located adult venues have moved into the suburbs and the activity for me associated with what was known as “the strip” has moved to Lincoln Road and the Addington area.

All bars have to conform to regulator standards and they are fairly safe. You’ll often find hookers working them and there are several strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours.

If you’re looking for sex, there are a range of brothels and there’s often girls walking

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Adult New Zealand

Get your leg over 😉

The New Zealand sex industry is legal, you’ll find a wide range of services. Sex workers have legal rights so don’t go abusing them as the comeback is strong. Condoms are mandatory as are good manners.

Many of the better class girls can be found on websites and some brothels offer a good choice. The better brothels also have floor show and the Whitehouse in Auckland is reputed as being one of the best.

Otherwise you can troll the many clubs and bars.

Adult Auckland, Adult Christchurch

Adult Party Games

Ideas to spice up your game time

Sex in the modern era has become something of a sport and of course there are sporting ways to entice your friends out of their clothes. If this is what you are into, it can be great fun.

General rules:

Rules for the games are flexible but everyone must agree before the game starts and typically every one must start wearing an equal number of garments. For the ladies that maybe a skirt, blouse, panties and bra, while for him trouser, shirt, vest and shorts.

Any clothing pair counts as one garment, i.e, socks or stockings count as one item.

When removing any garment, perform/ strip with style.

Strip Scrabble The usual

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