Sex Education

One of the many failures of modern civilisation

For most of us, our parents lives were less than perfect. Like all children, at some point during those formative years, the opposite sex became attractive giving rise to sexual feelings without necessarily having any intellectual appreciation of what was happening.

The transition from childhood through adolescence can be a biochemical nightmare for a great many children. They have hormones flowing through their bodies and sometimes uncontrollable urges are so strong that they have to quickly find a private space to relieve themselves through masturbation or some other activity that relieves the pressure of that energy building up inside of them.

As our parents left us to navigate sexuality alone, most parents

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Relationships and Fidelity

My husband is at work but his brother is hitting on me

Dear Dianna, my name is Roxanne from California, USA. I’ve been married to Scott for two years and I’m just about to turn 23. To make ends meet he works really long hours but so far I’ve only been able to get some casual part-time work which is fine because we’re doing okay.

But it’s almost 2 months ago now that Scott’s brother Brett came to stay with us after losing his job. His situation was desperate enough that is only choices were to stay with us or live on the streets. Initially Scott was indifferent to him but after a word from his mother, he finally invited

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Tales of infidelity

The experience and feedback

Anon writes: I won’t tell you my name but I’ve been married for five years and having decided to put off having kids until after I turned 30, we’d been working hard to build our dream home. We hadn’t gone too far overboard in terms of debt, but I’m sure this was one of the major factors upsetting our relationship.

In those first few years of courtship and marriage we both had good paying jobs and a great deal of confidence, so we had sex often and everywhere. But in some-ways it seemed too good to last because my work

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Ambers Mum

Down but not out in the UK

I was married when I was at 18 mostly because I had to and I gave birth to my daughter Amber when was 19. The experience was enjoyable except that my partner Steve seemed to be forever off chasing other girls. He was always a bit wild but he began to settle down after Amber was born and managed to hold on to regular work.

Our relationship was always rocky and we argued about almost everything although I loved making up afterwards. I didn’t mind that he spent more time playing sport and hanging out with his workmates because it made life much easier but I really missed the sex that we used

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Victoria’s Adventures

Living with a strong libido pt 3

From parts one and two

Sex as a useful hobby

Stephen was also not pleased about a new subdivision and that morning Victoria went into the pub a little earlier than usual where after a little flirting and giving a blow job to the publican, he revealed all he knew about the proposed subdivision which really wasn’t very much, but a few people in the village were concerned. So Victoria went door-knocking and she found a handful of people who also objected and by midday they’d organised a committee to find out more and organise some opposition.

After lunch she phoned Stephen and conveyed the news, and as she was speaking

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Retirement Turns Sexy

And a new freedom

A public domain image

Introduction: receiving a story like this in my mailbox is another insight into the strange beauty of human life and relationships. If you read this story, you may may weigh up the pros and cons from a moral perspective and yet we need to celebrate people like this who find joy in human companionship outside of the moral stereotype that many people are trapped in.

Hello Diana, I heard that you are looking for stories to illustrate that morality is not all that it’s cracked up to be and that people can find happiness and even spiritual fulfilment outside of what are considered to be normal societal boundaries. You could

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Secret affair

A true confession

Hi, my name is Alison and I just have to tell you about my affair. After four years of marriage my romance with Barry was fading. We got on quite amicably and enjoyed our kids aged two and three, and as you may imagine, they are quite a full-time job.

While Barry was at work during the day I’d quite often hang out with my girlfriends who either had kids or just about to. But at the end of year Christmas party for Barry’s work, I got myself into a state because Barry had disappeared and Tony who just lives over our back fence and is married to Hazel told me that Barry had gone to fix

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Casual Sex

Time for a new paradigm

Throughout our entire history, there has probably never been a time when casual sex was not a normal part of human behaviour which. While sex is very misunderstood in the minds of many, the act itself can be as simple or as complicated as we want it to be.

When we look at ourselves and the people we move through life with, it has become unusual for people not to have some casual sexual experiences. 30 years ago casual sex was less common, but today we have the tools and technology as well as education in many places to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

So casual sex is not

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The Nature of Affairs

Is it human nature or perversion?

Can I make anything clearer?

Within the fold of human relationships, the monogamous marriage has taken precedence within the world and while people marry for all the right reasons and the best of intentions, sometimes they cannot prevent themselves from having what are referred to as illicit relationships.

Monogamy or any relationship for that matter is a social convenience and not a law of nature. If we look at the statistics relating to marriage, around 80% admit to some form of infidelity be it entertaining the idea of being intimately involved with another person who is not one’s marriage partner, we can be reasonably well assured that there is not one person

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Pushing boundaries

Sex and In early childhood development

A girls gotta have fun with them

At the age of five, Sharon’s breasts began to grow and many of her friends and classmates teased her. Before she was six, she was forced to wear a bra although she detested it. She endured those early years of school and the attention of boys and men.

When she was seven, her mother ran off with another man and she became one of those latchkey kids. In some ways she liked that because after school she had the house to herself for three or four hours. When her father came home, they’d share stories of their day and he often

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