Alexander's Lost World

Tracing the cultures encountered by the Greek legendary warrior

The city of Lady Moon

Alexander’s Lost World is a series co-produced with David Adams Films and Sky Vision. Following the course of the River Oxus (Amu Darya) for the first time, David Adams takes viewers on an extraordinary 1,500-mile (2400 km) journey through war-torn Afghanistan and Central Asia looking for the legendary city of Bactra and an ancient civilisation existing prior to the Indus Valley and Egypt at a time when Europe was still in the stone age.

The Ancient Greeks have long been credited for bringing ‘civilization’ to the East. In fact it appears to be the other way round. Alexander the Great discovers a highly developed

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Hindu and Hinduism

Hinduism is Not a Religion

There is an overwhelming popular misconception that Hindus; that is Hindu people follow a religion known as Hinduism. But this is not the case.

Go back a few hundred years and India was known as Hindustan, and name attributed largely by the British and the British East India company that for over 200 years exploited the land and people of Hindustan.

Many people commonly see Indian iconography and images of deities as religious objects, however this is far from the truth. The people of India do not worship any Creator God or craven image as Christians would have people believe. They have a far deeper understanding of how the universe works.

Hinduism along with the

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Currently a war zone

Sandwiched between India, China, Afghanistan and Iran, and on the shore of the Indian Ocean, Pakistan is a modern nuclear country, but it also has its troubles including bomb attacks by religious extremists. Before travelling you should check with your embassy about off-limits areas, the latest political & military developments and keep an close eye on current issues with independent news sources.

Pakistan’s North-West Frontier is remote, inaccessible and home to a revitalised and increasingly brutal Taliban. The nearby city of Peshawar is under constant terrorist attack. If the government had changed their policy we would not have attacked Peshawar says Hakimullah Mehsud, the new face of the Taliban. He is clear that Pakistan will pay

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