A History Snapshot 10000 BC

A great awakening

Underwater off Japan

For most of us, the history we learned in school and the history that is most commonly portrayed is really a whitewash over what really happened. In part this is because people have no way of knowing exactly what happened and for others, well, they couldn’t care less because they are only focused on their survival.

While there is evidence of human habitation on all the continents pre-dating 100,000 BC with underwater cities and habitation sites pre-dating the end of the last ice age around 10,000 BC, it’s relevant to clarify some key points. Of significance is the lion-man image dug up in Germany dated to 40,000 BC and a solidified mercury Continue reading A History Snapshot 10000 BC

Milk a Food or toxin?

How Do We Decide

By Tim Triche, Jr

I came across an article recently which solidified a lot of what I have been reading lately (in between studying and working out a lot to kill the stress) about calcium, phosphorus, excretion studies, and Haversian system degeneration from calcium loss. I’m disturbed by what I’ve seen in the journals and scientific literature, and before anyone dares to blast “those know-nothing Western scientists”, I’d like to remind you that so-called common sense is often heavily influenced by advertising. Dairy advertising, in this case.

I like milk a lot. I have a glass of cold skim milk with any meal where I eat peanut butter or cookies or the like, and that’s a

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Types of Agriculture

New Zealand landscape

We’ve come a long way since our ancestors began farming some 30 – 20,000 years ago, but some things have not changed as slash and burn agriculture is still practised in remote places. The biggest change over the past 100 years has been the move from farming to agribusiness which is industrial agriculture/farming with the main elements in productivity being the cash return to the farmer and shareholders instead of quality life sustaining produce.


Today’s main agricultural practise that continues to decimate forests, landscapes, soil quality and pollute waterways and oceans. It is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, large volumes of fertilisers that leach into waterways and poison the land. They are

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