Links Between India and the Americas

A history many are reluctant to consider

As much as many modern archaeologists and researchers deny the possibility of ancient connections between India and the Americas, there is a massive amount of evidence indicating that it was so. It’s tragic that so much was lost under Islamic and European colonialism and that so much of Indian history has been reduced to legend.

There have been recent publications concerning DNA evidence supporting Hindu migration into Australia five thousand years ago and yet many modern historians downplay and sometimes continue to deny the fact that in this civilisation encompassed all of Asia from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Islands. We know from Angkor Wat in Cambodia that a Hindu civilisation flourished but

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The land of the free…..

Please note that as of April 1st 2016, Anyone without a biometric passport is now ineligible to travel to America without a visa – even if they have been granted an “Esta”, online permission to visit the US.

Elections are in full swing and despite the opposition, Trump has trumped but the battle for the democrat nominee between Bernie and Hillary continues. If Trump wins, no more Muslims will go to the USA. But either Bernie or Hillary will continue a similar foreign policy.


The United States of America is a huge country with diverse geography. There are the arid lands of New Mexico, subtropical beach resorts in Southern California and Florida, rugged

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