Breast Enhancement Facts

Do your Breasts Measure up?

The average cup size of women’s breasts is a “C” but there is no doubt that women with attractive breasts fare better in life. They are often more confident, admired and successful, and a huge industry has evolved to assist women improve their breasts.

There are a wide range of pills, potions and surgeries to enlarge, reduce, reshape and affect the breasts in many ways helping women become more confident or comfortable with their bodies.

In addition to surgeries that have been around for a long time, nutritional breast enhancement supplements are quickly becoming the most popular choice for women desiring larger, firmer, healthier breasts. Some of them work well for most women and some

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Breast Reduction Surgery – Mastopexy

There are millions of women suffering because their breasts are too large to be comfortable. One lady with 44 DDD breasts had them weighed at nine pounds each.

That’s quite a lot of extra weight to carry around all the time and large breasted woman typically suffer from upper back, neck and shoulder pain not to mention the difficulty in buying clothes.

The other drawback is participation in life activities like sport. Simply put, large breasts just get in the way and even the best bra cannot contain the bounce when running. The consequence of this is that many women with a large bust avoid the physical activity needed to maintain their optimal health and

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Breast Health and Concerns

Some of the problems women experience with their breasts.

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As with the rest of the body, breasts are susceptible to changes and health problems. Therefore every woman needs to know about her breasts so as to be able to appreciate how they change and to know when to get advice.

Common problems include:

Fibrocystic breast changes are the most common, these include lumpiness, thickening and swelling which often occurs in the days before her period. Cysts; these are fluid-filled lumps which may come and go, but need to be monitored for changes. Fibroadenomas feel like solid, round, rubbery lumps that move

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Breast enhancement choices

How do you make the Right Choice about breast enhancement?

I’m so embarrassed to show my boobs cause they’re so small

Size does not matter, but if you’ve been wondering about breast enhancement, you’re not alone. According to the annual plastic surgery procedural statistics, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015, a huge increase from the 397,330 procedures performed in 2007.

While it is clear that breasts are vital to the confidence and positive self-image of many woman, the question whether breast augmentation is necessary, or healthy, remains an individual choice. Fortunately, there are healthy and affordable options to make your breasts as vivacious and beautiful as you desire.

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Perfect Breasts

Is the term perfect breasts valid?

Salma Hayek’s 36-C breasts helps make every movie she is in. Photo credit lazygirls

Like our bodies, breasts come in all shapes and sizes and what constitutes the perfect breast is an individual choice. For any breast to be perfect, it must first have the capacity to perform the function that nature intended. In other words, it must be able to produce milk.


What each of us thinks of as perfect is totally subjective as we all have a different taste, but generally we look to what is aesthetically pleasing, but amongst the wide variety of sizes and shapes of female breasts, coming up with one

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Breasts In History

Our changing view of the human body

The female body today is highly politicised. Her nude and near nude images can be used to sell any product or service, yet should a woman expose her body in public, she may well be chastised.

It is difficult to look back at history and see how women felt about their own breasts, but it seems that nakedness in general was a non issue until religions evolved. So today our modern civilisation is in a crisis of understanding and appreciating our own human body.

In tribal cultures until today, the only value placed on breasts was for the nourishment of children, no one cared or took notice of bare breasts or what shape

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Breast Massage

All natural self care

Regular massage of the breasts is natural common sense for good breast care. Massage helps circulation and the elimination of toxins, and it may also help prevent breast cancer. But one things for sure, it keeps you in touch with yourself and as massage it’s good for the rest of your body, it’s also good for your breasts.

Massage helps to maintain the shape and firmness of breasts, skin quality and is best done with a nice ‘natural body oil’, but if in a hurry, thirty seconds to each breast in the shower is a start.


It is also possible to achieve breast enhancement using proper massaging techniques. However, if you are seeking rapid breast

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Breast Enhancement

Natural Solutions to Gain a Fuller and Firmer Bust

Having a nice bust is desirable for most women. The reasons are many; it maybe for conformity with other women, to boost self confidence, to become more successful in life and business generally, or to help find a partner. There is absolutely no doubt that a combination of pleasing appearance and self-confidence helps people to be more successful. Sound body maintenance, keeping yourself clean and well presented for the situation is important.

But sometimes this is not enough because we live in such a competitive society and people spend small fortunes maintaining their physical appearance. Breast enhancement is a viable option for women who think it would be right for them

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