India East

Hindu Influence Across South East Asia

Genetic research shows that the peoples of ancient India, particularly from the North East, South India and Nepal migrated to Myanmar and south East Asian lands and islands between 50 and 70000 years ago. The cultural and archaeological evidence only goes back three thousand years, but now a predominant gene from Indians who mixed with aborigine natives proves a longer history of association in the peoples of Java, Bali, Malaysia and Philippines.

Published in 2013. A genetic link between Indians and two Filipno Aeta populations were unveiled in a study whose proponents include Frederick Delfin, university research associate at the DNA Analysis Laboratory in the University of the

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The Dragon Stirs

China on the move

China recently unveiled this god of war statue symbolising its new direction. A Tumblr image.

Western interest in China began in the 1620s and this country that was content within it’s own borders and economy had no interest in the rest of the world. There were of course Chinese sailors who ventured far from home but these travels were very limited and the most significant Chinese-Western relations occurred as the British East India company imposed itself on China causing the opium Wars and a consequent subjugation of China which some say it has not been forgiven.

In recent times we have seen China emerge as a economic and military superpower able to take on

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The king of fruit

Durian is banned from many shopping malls in Asia because it really does smell like shit yet it is a great delicacy all over Southeast Asia. The Durian is a large forest tree and the fruit which grow slightly larger than a football are very spiky on the outside.

While elephants eat the entire fruit including the outer shell, the real delicacy is the soft yellow fruit inside. Despite the repugnant smell, the inner fruit has an appearance and texture similar to egg custard and yet the flavour is delicate, sweet and like almond, a total contrast to its fragrance.

For Westerners visiting Southeast Asia, the smell is enough to make them leave the vicinity, but

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