How to Save The World?

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Building Immunity

Reducing the risk of infections

Our world really is a melting pot of compounds, enzymes, bacteria’s and viruses. Some of them are beneficial and some of them are potentially harmful. We know and this knowledge is backed by the scientific evidence that when we are fit and healthy we become less susceptible to infection by any pathogen.

But building community is akin to building good health fitness which starts before birth with the parents. Assuming the parents are in good health and the living conditions are adequate, a new child gains its initial immunity from the colostrum in its mother’s milk. When a child is young there are a great many pathogens that can cause health problems.

The most common

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Surviving The Age of Super Bugs

And the failure of antibiotics

Health authorities, doctors and medical institutions have been concerned for many years about the growing resistance of bacteria and viruses to the antibiotics that we have available.

Modern antibiotics are one of the primary tools of allopathic medicine in treating disease, but viruses and bacteria are adapting and we are unable to create new antibiotics to defeat them.

As our population grows and we live packed more tightly together, the risk of disease increases and when our immune system becomes weak, we become more susceptible to the bacteria and viruses which cause disease.

In nature we have this idea of the survival of the fittest. For example the Lions in Africa will hunt down and

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Take off your shoes

Barefoot supports health

Spending time barefoot is actually a very healthy activity. Walking on the grass and feeling the sand between your toes helps to connect one’s body with the earth and massage the feet.

Some people have come to think that this is somewhat unhygienic yet up until a few hundred years ago, the majority of all people went barefoot and shoes were only invented for those who walked in thorny situations.

By walking barefoot upon the earth, the body is reminded of its roots because our physical body is actually made from the stuff of the earth and a whole lot of water. Approximately 70% of our bodies mass is made up of water and the remaining 30%

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Jantu Pradurbhav Chikitsa

Ayurvedic case files

Treatment of Infections

In the era of ayurved, sciences such as pathology and bacteriology were not developed and those such as virology had not even been imagined. The microscope had not been invented either and thus, infections were described in terms of pitta-dushti (pitta=one of the basic body constituents, dushti=aggravation) or rakta-dushti (rakta=blood tissue).

Antibiotics were largely unknown to ayurved but the principles behind them had been thought of by ayurvedic scholars. Thus the use of colloidal silver, copper and gold had value as a preventive medicine, and these compounds also played a role in healing.

In this article we will deal with some common infectious conditions like vrana (ulcers), pitika (acnes and boils), and arbuda

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