Human Sexuality

A major confusion

Published on: 29 Dec 2015 updated August 20, 2018

There is about as much consensus in society about sexuality as there is about spirituality, and more sex happens in peoples minds than their genitals.

Confusion arises because those who assume moral leadership say one thing and do another. Couple this with the ongoing deconstruction of our societies by social and economic forces.

Sigmund Freud described sexuality as the driver of our psychology and a motivator for all our behaviour which remains relevant today.

But the primary drive to have sex comes from a base biological desire to pass on our genes and perpetuate our species. The desire to breed is an instinctive and powerful force

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Breastfeeding And Your Baby

Give your child the best start in life

Breastfeeding is a feature of our human design whereby new born babies get the nutrition, immunity and nurturing required to carry them into a healthy adult life as nature intended. In the womb, mother and child co-exist in harmony, the mothers body programmed to meet a growing babies needs and the babies body programmed to digest mothers milk.

Unfortunately there can be health problems which undermine the natural breast feeding process. In many communities, cows milk was successfully used as a substitute for a mothers milk although many babies do have an adverse reaction to it, however today’s supermarket or re-constituted milk has much of it’s food value removed in processing and

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Human Behaviour

Why I the reason I wonder why?

Human Behaviour is ever changing in response to our earthly and social environmental. We adapt our behaviour in order to survive, however human memory is short and much of our behaviour is reactive rather than planned for our long term survival.

Survival behaviour is governed by our needs for water, food, shelter and possession which also causes a great deal of suffering and injustice. At this time when the population of the earth is large and still increasing rapidly and the earth’s resources are diminishing, there has never been such an important need for co-operative behaviour as the survival of our species is under threat.

Most of us have learned that confrontation, conflict

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Sociology and behaviour

The attempt to understand life

Humanity is an experiment, we don’t know our origins or why we’re here alive. We have discovered there are thousands of different ways to live, some of them support life and some of them destroy life.

The thrust of civilisation is destroying life and enabling a small minority to glorify themselves that everyone else’s expense. In this section of the site you will find stories that are antilife and pro-life, but to become more pro-life we need to examine our needs, our morality and our behaviour.

Sociology is a fascinating subject and yet when we delve into it, most students and researchers leap in from the foundation of our current day situation without taking into

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