One of Our Greatest Mysteries

What is the origin of fair skin?

It is generally thought that before 6000 BC, the human population was universally dark skinned. If the out of Africa theory were true and this has largely been dispensed with in favour of the development of local independent human populations in various regions, we would all have African features including skin colour.

Some argue that the development of fear skin represents a natural process of adaptation to enable the absorption of more vitamin D in temperate and cold climates. The most obvious drawback to this idea is that the peoples of the extreme northern latitudes living in and around the Arctic circle are rather dark skinned. If that adaptation as some sometimes claim,

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Blond Moments

Tales from real life

Hi, this is a bit embarrassing but I’ll tell you anyhow. Last week I arranged to get a ride to the mall with my brother who was going to pick me up at 1130 sharp. He’s really bossy but I had plenty of time or so I thought. I slept until nine, did a few chores in the buff and took a shower, then as I had time to spare I put on my favourite yoga tights and started working out.

Yoga is really gentle so I didn’t break a sweat and I was really getting into it when my brother arrived. Like he just pulled into the driveway, honked and called me to hurry

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Pilot dies


Pilot dies

A gentleman takes a pretty blond girl flying and while in the air, he has a heart attack and dies leaving her in danger.

Fearful, she works out how to use the radio and calls out a May Day.

Moments later she hears a voice over the radio say “This is Air Traffic Control, I have you loud and clear. Please explain your situation.”

She said that her pilot appeared to have had a heart attack and is dead, and she don’t know how to fly. “Help me! Please help me!”

ATC replied, “Keep calm, I will talk you through this and Get you back on the ground. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind

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