Blond Moments

Tales from real life

Hi, this is a bit embarrassing but I’ll tell you anyhow. Last week I arranged to get a ride to the mall with my brother who was going to pick me up at 1130 sharp. He’s really bossy but I had plenty of time or so I thought. I slept until nine, did a few chores in the buff and took a shower, then as I had time to spare I put on my favourite yoga tights and started working out.

Yoga is really gentle so I didn’t break a sweat and I was really getting into it when my brother arrived. Like he just pulled into the driveway, honked and called me to hurry

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Pilot dies


Pilot dies

A gentleman takes a pretty blond girl flying and while in the air, he has a heart attack and dies leaving her in danger.

Fearful, she works out how to use the radio and calls out a May Day.

Moments later she hears a voice over the radio say “This is Air Traffic Control, I have you loud and clear. Please explain your situation.”

She said that her pilot appeared to have had a heart attack and is dead, and she don’t know how to fly. “Help me! Please help me!”

ATC replied, “Keep calm, I will talk you through this and Get you back on the ground. I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind

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