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Treatment Strategy For IBS

Is your tummy in a tizz?

The gut’s got a mind of its own. Ask anyone with irritable bowel syndrome and they’ll tell you, the good days are usually sporadic. But on those bad days, ouch!

While it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms of an upset stomach from time to time, if they happen frequently, it’s time to get serious and get it checked out. If it’s really IBS, learn how to deal with it.

(What’s frequently? Several times a week, or to the point where it affects your quality of life and those around you.)

What’s the cause?

IBS is a lifestyle dis-ease. Its causes include stress, gastrointestinal infections, overeating or binge eating, too much fat or other

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Internal cleansing

The colon clean

If you are a man reading this, you know that you wash your body and afterwards you feel better, likewise if you clean your car it looks better. But just think, if your car is a bit like you and getting on in years, it may have a bit of dirt on the carburettor or other problems.

Most men are aware and when their cars don’t function as well as they should, they get under the hood and clean out anything that reduces performance and internal cleaning of human body is just like that.

Healthy people generally have a bowel motion once or twice a day and this is a good sign that the digestive tract is

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