The Hijab and Politics

An inconvenient truth within Islam

The hijab is essentially a head scarf. Here an Iranian man wears one as part of a movement seeking rights for their wives

In terms of religion, Islam is more of a political movement than a religion. There is nothing in the Islamic texts that states categorically that women must wear a head scarf or be completely covered from head to foot in a burqa or burkini, this is an interpretation by the educated and misogynistic men who dominate Islam.

The hijab is essentially a head scarf which leaves the person’s face visible, but most often, women will also wear a full-length dress and less often long pants, jeans or leggings. It

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The Burkini Ban

The crazy politics surrounding Islam

A recent controversy that has come to the fore primarily on European beaches is that of Muslim women dressed in a head to toe burkini. Sadiq Khan is banning bikini ads in London and replacing them with Islamic propaganda. Some French people have been outraged enough to get a court order banning such apparel on public beaches, however a higher court overturned that decision. So what is it about the burkini?

The burkini is worn by Muslim women who under Islamic law have very few rights and freedoms. In totalitarian Islamic societies, a camel has more rights than a woman who cannot leave the house without her

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The Burkha

An evil restraint

What is it about this code of dress that most people in the world find offensive and why are Muslim women so compelled to wear it? Note that a burqa which is also known as chadri or paranja is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to completely cover their bodies when in public.

The burqa is an orthodox full-body covering distinct from the hijab moutabaraj (“the veil that reveals”), which combines a head scarf with slim-fit jeans or tight pants or on the beach where the burqini replaces the bikini.

The face-veiling portion is usually a narrow slit or a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth with its top edge attached to a

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