Living with Boobs

Advice from a big breasted girl

Probably the first thing about big boobs is that everyone notices and a whole lot of people stare. As a 10-year-old they were a curiosity and then a nuisance because they got in the way of sport and of course I had to start wearing bras which are an uncomfortable feature of life that have yet to be totally comfortable with.

I probably inherited my boobs because mums are pretty big although I never seemed to notice in part because she kind of hides herself away. But she went to considerable length to make sure I got good bras even though I hated them. So I guess I was

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Problems with Big Boobs

And social nonsense

Life is a fact and regardless of size and shape, we must be grateful even when not conforming to a learned ideal.

The problems associated with larger breasts and here we are talking plus size D through to E and F. The first problem is the actual weight of the breasts. If you’re a guy reading this or a a woman with smaller breasts, can you imagine having several kilos in weight hanging off your chest?

It’s not only the weight that can be uncomfortable, it’s what other people think and how they react because lets face it, today people are reactive and have little real intelligence. In times past, the large breasted woman was appreciated

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Breast Enhancement

Natural Solutions to Gain a Fuller and Firmer Bust

Having a nice bust is desirable for most women. The reasons are many; it maybe for conformity with other women, to boost self confidence, to become more successful in life and business generally, or to help find a partner. There is absolutely no doubt that a combination of pleasing appearance and self-confidence helps people to be more successful. Sound body maintenance, keeping yourself clean and well presented for the situation is important.

But sometimes this is not enough because we live in such a competitive society and people spend small fortunes maintaining their physical appearance. Breast enhancement is a viable option for women who think it would be right for them

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