Hemp the Wonder Crop

An opportunity for humanity suppressed

1 acre of hemp that takes less than six months to grow can be used to produce as much paper as it takes 4 acres of trees which takes 50 years to grow

For tens of thousands of years, hemp has been used all around the world in a wide range of products from foods, medicines, rope, clothing and even plastics. It is a very versatile crop that grows almost anywhere and it even improves the soil in which it grows.

It was widely used throughout the world to the 1930s when the oil industry was beginning to boom and they discovered that they could make plastics from oil. But hemp oil is also

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The War on Drugs

And the politics of profit

Richard Branson made headlines some time ago with his declaration that the UN was about to announce a recommendation to end the war on drugs, however this seems to have been a misunderstanding because the UN was only talking about decriminalising the possession of small amounts of drugs as a partial solution to help stop the spread of HIV.

Drug use is seen by many as an antisocial epidemic, but for the majority of people, it’s just another crime or taboo so why do people use drugs?

In ancient tribal cultures, drugs were used to open the windows of perception and develop altered states of consciousness. The Shamen were able to connect with the movement

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Cannabis Trial - 1 dead - 5 critical

Does cannabis kill?

In fact no deaths have ever been attributed to cannabis use. This is an evaluation of a Statement on the Reports Of A Death and Serious Illness from a Drug Trial of a Product Containing A Synthetic Cannabiniod.

According to local media reports, one man has been declared clinically dead and five others in a serious condition after a clinical trial conducted by a private laboratory in Rennes, in the west of France.

The test allegedly involved an analgesic product containing cannabis and the worlds anti drug lobby are pushing this information as are all media outlets seeking to raise public concern.

The fact that one person may have died in a drug trial is unfortunate, yet

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Medical Marijuana

An ancient herb coming of age

Bees collecting pollen from eight marijuana plant. Note that marijuana does not produce nectar, but the bees appreciate the pollen

Cannabis or marijuana is one of the worlds most used recreational drugs with a medical history reaching back before recorded time. It does not seem to have had the same usage as hallucinogenic drugs and its use has been more for relaxation and the relief of physical ailments.

Marijuana is one of many varieties of hemp plant, but along with all in species, it was made illegal by the United States government at the request of the oil industry. This is because hemp can be used to make high-quality rope, paper, plastics, oil,

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Left of centre

Colorado WeedImage by WeedPornDaily

Colorado is located in the Western United States where Rocky Mountain high recently took on a new meaning. You may think of the song by John Denver, but no; the referral here is to Colorado’s new status as the mile high state which should also not be confused mile high club.

The mile high club of course is a reference to people who have enjoyed the pleasure of sex on an aircraft in flight, the mile high state is a reference to Colorado’s legalisation of marijuana or cannabis.

Before continuing, lets remember that marijuana was made illegal back in the 1930s. The reason for it being made illegal was

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