The Evolution of Meat

A divergence from nature

The Belgians are known for one or two odd experiments, and this is the genetically modified, hyper-sculpted and ultra-muscular physique of the Belgian Blue.

We can only presume that humans have always eaten meat, but as we came through into the modern era, in most parts of the world meat remained a luxury and not the staple food that it is today.

Until the development of agriculture and the domestication of livestock, all meat was from animals that were hunted and trapped. This was real game meat and the quality of that meat depended on the nature of the animal and the quality of its life.

In nature there are lions and other carnivores that

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Holy Cow

And a conflict in India

Too many cows survive on garbage

Cattle have supported human life for many thousands of years. They provide milk, meat, leather and even inspiration, but opinions about India’s cows continue to create storms of controversy.

The general thrust of human evolution if you can call it that has resulted in most of the worlds population consuming meat and it’s only a small percentage of people who are vegetarians. The people who are vegetarians choose this diet either because of the health benefits, or because they recognise the value of life to the creatures that are often killed and eaten. There is also a recognition of the negative karma which is generated by killing as

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