4 Kids in Christchurch

Activities for the young at heart include:

Free Stuff There are many parks including Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens in the city centre where kids can feed the ducks and there is play equipment and a paddling pool (in summer). Parents can sit back, relax and watch the children play.

Nearby in the Canterbury Museum there is a natural history centre for children with many weird and wonderful things to for them explore.

Skateboard at Washington Way Reserve, corner of Morehouse Avenue and Barbadoes Street.

Swim sunbathe, or walk at Brighton, Sumner and Taylor’s Mistake beaches. Walk the Port Hills.

Paid Stuff Antigua Boat Shed Boat (row boat, canoe and, paddle boat) Hire Open daily Summer 9.30am – 5.30pm.

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Canterbury 2015

The endless recovery

Many are still fearful of earthquakes which continue to stretch the land. Many are being ripped off by their insurance companies and may be still homeless. Many have lost their jobs and have to take up temporary work in the rebuild which is pulling in workers from around the world who will have to be catered for when the rebuild is complete. We are not immune from the declining economy, we are not immune from local council decisions which controls every aspect of our lives.

Local government

Government by the people for the people? Yeah right…

As our mayor steps down over the building consents, let think about that. The building consent process is draconian and favours

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Christchurch renewing

Four years on

The newly restored Theatre Royal

After the city of Christchurch was almost completely destroyed by earthquakes in December 2010 and February 2011, the city is beginning to find its feet.

While a great many homeowners are still battling with the insurance companies and living in broken homes, a major building boom is underway in central city re-establishing shops and mauls to replace the temporary shopping precinct made up of shipping containers.

Being a joint host of the cricket World Cup is a test of the city’s resources, but it seems to be coping quite well one of the ongoing daily problems in the city’s traffic. As so many businesses and shops relocated away from the

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The regional centre for South Canterbury

Timaru style

Timaru is a sea side city in South Canterbury with a population about 30,000 people near to the centre of the South Island and it’s 2 – 3 hours driving time or 160 kilometres south of Christchurch and 200 kilometres north of Dunedin.

It is an excellent location to stop and relax from ones travels, or as a base from which to explore the South Canterbury region including the nearby towns. One claim to fame is the Racehorse Phar Lap who was born just to the north of of Timaru. Phar Lap was a New Zealand thoroughbred horse considered to be one of the world’s greatest

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Christchurch - Queenstown

Approx 7 hours drive

Ralaia Salmon

Take highway one south from Christchurch from Hornby or Templeton where there is usually heavy traffic. After you pass the satellite town of Rolleston, you finally get the sense you are going somewhere.

The traffic often remains heavy and drivers really have to pay attention and although there are a number of passing lanes. The almost straight highway runs through farmland with occasional views of the alps. (If you have a extra hour to spare, take the Foothills Scenic Route to avoid highway one.)

About 30 minutes south from Christchurch you come Rakia after crossing the long concrete Rakia river bridge. There is a café, restrooms and you

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Adult Christchurch

naughty and nice if you’re lucky

A city with about 400,000 people, Christchurch has a vibrant night-life with a wide range of restaurants theatres cinemas hotels, nightclubs and bars scattered around the city.

Since the destruction of the city by earthquakes, most of the centrally located adult venues have moved into the suburbs and the activity for me associated with what was known as “the strip” has moved to Lincoln Road and the Addington area.

All bars have to conform to regulator standards and they are fairly safe. You’ll often find hookers working them and there are several strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours.

If you’re looking for sex, there are a range of brothels and there’s often girls walking

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Christchurch - Nelson

Via Lewis Pass – Drive time 5 – 6 hours

Maruia River upstream from the thermal springs resort.

From Christchurch take the Northern motorway or Marshlands Road, there is usually heavy traffic through the towns of Woodend and Amberley to the turn off at Waipara. This is not a particularly exciting drive through flat farmland and it pays to keep to the speed limit as the police are often out looking to catch their quota of speeding motorists.

The road opens out through the wine growing area of Waipara where you need to turn left (Nelson can also be reached via Kaikoura and Blenheim, but this route will add an hour or so to the journey).

At Waipara

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Waterside quaintness

Almost destroyed as it was the epicentre of the February 2011 earthquake, today the town has reopened and the port restored.

Lyttleton is a busy port and harbourside town and suburb of Christchurch. The harbour offers a safe anchor for the largest of ships, from freighters to cruise liners which call regularly and has a range of watery activities. You’ll find yachting, water taxis, a ferry to Diamond Harbour, boat tours to watch dolphins or you can explore local history such as the harbour defences created during the past world wars.

The wharves have very limited public access, although it is not so long ago there was free and uncontrolled access, which was great for fishing and

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Christchurch earthquakes

Update March 2015

All seems fairly quiet on the eastern front, we have had a few minor tremors over the past few months, and like most people, I have not noticed them and they have not caused any concern.

Update November 2014

Actually few people remember the last aftershocks as there have been a few minor tremors in 2014, however earthquake activity seems to be moving away from Canterbury. Geonet has the latest earthquake data.

Update June 2014

The Christchurch earthquakes continue to subside. The significant quakes have been nearer Wellington and far to the north near of New Zealand. The Christchurch rebuild is well underway and the city is very busy, and the cross city traffic

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A plains city, shaken but not stirred

Punting on the Avon River

The capital city in the Canterbury province, Christchurch is often described as the most “English” city in New Zealand, and often known as the garden city, noted for its extensive public and private gardens where you can smell the flowers or meditate under a tree.

The city is bordered by the Port Hills, the Pacific ocean, and situated on the edge of The Canterbury Plains that stretches west for 30 miles to the Southern Alps.

An arrival point for visitors to the country, Christchurch is a centre of learning, with several universities, polytechnics and a medical school. It has a vibrant night life and

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