Eastern ideas reshaped in the West

To truly believe as a Christian, surely one must fully examine the scriptures and their meaning lest some error result in going to hell?

The belief in one Creator God and the Divinity of Jesus.

Christianity evolved from Judaism some 300 years after the birth of Jesus Christ and the religion is based on the interpretations of scholars, politicians and religious figures as well as having its roots in Judaism. The Old Testament which is a series of stories, histories, myths and legends, some of which may have some truth but others are pure fantasy.


For thousands of years there had been trade and communication from the Mediterranean, acress india, South East Asian

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Why was India conquered?

India’s loss to foreign invaders

Awake IndiaJai Shiva Consecration of AdiYogi in Coimbatore Youtube

Over 1400 years, India has been raped and exploited by foreigners with different ideologies. It’s somehow ironic that the underlying ideologies of the Arabs, the Greeks, British, French and others are all based of seeds of knowledge from India that have been genetically manipulated.

From a psychological perspective, these invasions are akin to the children attacking their mothers for India is the mother of all nations. Many historians disagree, but the scientists agree that without India’s contribution of knowledge and wisdom, our world could not have developed as it has.

An ancient civilization where Dharma prevailed, India consisted of many polarized societies led by

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Moses - Man or Myth?

The Father of Judaism or a fictional character?

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The histories continue to put Moses from about 1300 – 1800BC, however there is no archaeological evidence to support his existence. It is possible that a man with a similar name took a small group of followers into Sinai and those beliefs may have eventually made their way to Canaan. However modern archaeology and genetics clearly defines the modern Israeli and Palestinian population as being descendants of the original Canaanite’s.

The principal story is that Moses took exception to the the fact that the Jewish slaves were being mistreated by the Egyptian masters and convinced them that they could have a better life and led them out of

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The Christian Agenda in World War 111

A game of numbers

In a way you could say that there is a global game of Monopoly going on, the players are the Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, capitalism and US imperialism.

These groups are seeking control of the market share and the hearts and minds of every citizen for their own pleasure. These games are intensifying as the Islamic influx into Europe is beginning to spark confrontations between secular groups, but from the position of an outside observer and possibly to the Christian church, Europe is becoming a lost cause with France being staged to become the first fully Islamic European country within the next 20 years.

We have seen the general decline in Christianity in Europe and North America

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World War Three

The state of play

After conflict in Damascus, Syria

Perhaps you’d rather not see or know about this if you’re a fact Resistant Human.

Even if you have seen the occasional snippets of news, you must’ve heard of the disasters, the famines, the wars, and all the political and social injustice that’s going on. Unless you live within your own completely self sustained bubble of life, you will also have noticed the increasing unrest in your own neighbourhood.

The increase in crime and homelessness, the shortage of jobs and the increases in the cost of living are all side effects of unpleasant activities happening in politics, economics and trade all over the world. As with

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Teacher and Holy Man

Representing the Buddhist Bodhisattva Ideal

Jesus could not have been a white guy

From what we know, Jesus was a simple man of excellent character, a character that would not be swayed by untruth or injustice. He also had an excellent insight into the human condition. By example he demonstrated as a Boddhisatva (बोधिसत्त्व) the capacity of man to be fully human and work to end the suffering of self and others without regard for social regulation.


Returning from his years abroad, Jesus meets John The Baptist and they recognised the spirit of each other as the same spirit intent on improving the welfare of humanity.

Jesus was recognised as “The Nazarene” or he who reveals

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Jesus the Man

There is doubt that Jesus was a real person

The birth of Jesus marks the start of Christianity and the Christian calendar which is used globally today, but the actual date of his birth and the substance of his life is a great mystery, so what is known of Jesus the man?

There are many unanswered questions about his existence and In this podcast, Seth Andrews speaks to three historians who have dedicated much of their lives and writings to the subject of Christ and Christianity: Dr. Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald and Dr. Robert M. Price.

“The Question of Christ” conversation begins 8:30 mins into the podcast negating that Jesus ever existed.

Birth Date

The Gospel Matthew states that Jesus

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Life of Jesus

A tale without proof

The Mustard Seed: Commentaries on the Fifth Gospel of Saint Thomas

From the history so far, Jesus with his family may have been to Egypt and returned to Nazareth by the time he was aged 10 to 15. Nothing is know of him other than that Luke tells that Jesus was found teaching in the temple by his parents after being lost at age 12.

It seems unlikely that an intelligent boy would get lost in a small town, it’s more likely hewas developing strong ideas about life, existence and religion; namely Judaism and so he began testing his ideas on those who would listen and likely challenged the knowledge of the priests.

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Examining Christianity

Understanding the present by analysing the past

THE familiar story of the origins of Christianity which we have all drunk in as it were with our mothers’ milk, may be said to be almost a part of the consciousness of the Western world.

It is interwoven with our recollections; it has been stamped upon our infant consciousness with a solemnity which has repressed all questioning; it has become the “thing we have grown used to.” It has upon its side that stupendous power of inertia, the force of custom, against which but few have the strength to struggle.

But once let the ordinary man desire to know more about the greatest story in the world, as all its tellers assert,

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Christian History

The development and sale of an idea

There is no doubt that Christianity evolved out of Judaism and that Jesus was a Jew. In the years following his death, there were many sects of Christ’s followers who hearkened to elements of his teaching and attempted to follow his advice.

These groups or followers of Christ which eventually became known as Christians remained a thorn in the side of the establishment, but they soon spread despite a great deal of persecution.

Jesus had shared some great teachings providing new values for a peaceful and purposeful life which the authorities appreciated, after all at the time there were a great many gods which differed between regions of the empire.


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