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And Compulsivity

As a species we get addicted to so many things from money and power to sugar, sex and other behaviours, various drugs and alcohol. All of these addictions or compulsions arise through a combination of deep-seated unhappiness and improper education.

Western civilisation believes that it is built on a rational foundation, it is all about what is around us and evolving practical solutions to make our lives more pleasant. Unfortunately this patriarchal view of life where we are separate from nature is creating our undoing.

Conversely, Eastern civilisation and here I speak more of India as the world’s first and most enduring civilisation where there is a balance between outward expression and material comfort balanced against internal observation

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Diet and Behaviour

by Open Forum on Health

What is generally referred to as hyperactivity is frustrating millions of parents, but those parents who have the time and interest to regulate their children’s lives find that with good diet and nutrition, their children are much calmer.

Another factor to consider when looking it ADHD or hyperactivity in children is the fact that their genetic blueprint that incorporates the learning of the parents, so in some ways they are smarter but also bored and frustrated by the apparent meaningless of life.

The review:

Diet and Behaviour