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Keeping your gut happy

Cafe meal

We live in a very high-pressure world and we need to perform at our best in order to succeed. However this pressure means that we often take short-cuts without diet and lifestyle. In a perfect world, we could sit for an hour or more and enjoy a quality meal with friends and even a glass of wine.

However so many people live on fast food and if that’s you, then your digestive tract is under a lot of pressure. Fast food tends to be highly processed, full of unpleasant chemicals and because it is fast, we eat in a hurry and continue our activities before digestion has taken place.

A consequence of this

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Treatment Strategy For IBS

Is your tummy in a tizz?

The gut’s got a mind of its own. Ask anyone with irritable bowel syndrome and they’ll tell you, the good days are usually sporadic. But on those bad days, ouch!

While it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms of an upset stomach from time to time, if they happen frequently, it’s time to get serious and get it checked out. If it’s really IBS, learn how to deal with it.

(What’s frequently? Several times a week, or to the point where it affects your quality of life and those around you.)

What’s the cause?

IBS is a lifestyle dis-ease. Its causes include stress, gastrointestinal infections, overeating or binge eating, too much fat or other

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Plantago ovata

The Asian name for isapghula is iasapgol and it’s famous by the name spogel seeds or fleaseeds. Isapghula is a small and short herb with narrow leaves, minute flowers and oval fruits. When it ripens, the upper half of the fruit burst opens and the seeds see air. These seeds, also known as fleaseeds are white in colour, sweetish in taste and have medicinal value. Isapghula is indigenous to India and neighbouring countries. Isapghula is known to Indian system of medicine from ancient time and is used in many disorders as a corrective measure. It comes under the group of safer medicines and is used by common man in day to day problems without seeking medical advice.


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