Sex therapy

An all too common story labelled as love in decline

Benjamin was a brash dominating man who expected his wife of five years to be the perfect wife. That entailed keeping house and serving all his needs. He was not particularly unkind or inconsiderate, he was simply emulating his father’s behaviour toward his mother who suffered from chronic depression.

For the first year, Maryann was happy. Her girlfriends were envious because she had made a good catch, but behind the scenes the novelty was wearing off. It was not that she didn’t love Benjamin, it’s just that they were losing their spark and in his mind, it was her fault.

As her interest in sex wore off and life became

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Pausing the conversation

Defining relationships

I’ve been reading through other people’s stories and ideas about the changes in human relationships. The Christian moral perspective is that anything other than a unrelated male-female relationship is somehow a crime, an attitude that denies the fact that love can exist independently of this ideal. Disease is not discussed, but must be remembered.

So let’s look at some of these situations.

Incest between a father and daughter, or mother and son:

Within some branches of Islam, sex between fathers and daughters, older brothers and sisters is legal and encouraged as is marriage between cousins. But when these relationships produce children, genetic weaknesses and mutations occur giving rise to physical deformities and mental illnesses. This has also

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Mr Jones fifth interview

Have you started from the beginning and read the previous page?

Dr Rees: “Hello again Mr Jones, it’s nice to see you, it’s been over a year since your last visit, how are you?”

Mr Jones: “Hello Dr, I am well and since our last meeting I have confirmed that my wife is sleeping with several other men and I’m surprised that I am not bothered by this especially since I also have my own relationships on the side so to speak. In addition to the sexy masseuses and female staff, one may be falling in love with one – or at least she says she is in love with me and is asking me to divorce my wife

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My Jones fourth interview

Have you started from the previous page?

Dr Rees: “Hello Mr Jones, how lovely to see you again. It’s been over a year since I last saw you and I must say you are looking very well, so what would you like to talk about today?

Mr Jones. “Hello Dr, thanks for fitting me in at short notice and wow! Your appearance has gone through something of a transformation as my life has, you look fantastic.”

Dr Rees: “Thank you Mr Jones, I have finally started listening to my friends as well is taking some of my own advice and I am taking better care of myself. But please tell me now, what has changed in your life?”


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Mr Jones third interview

Have you started from the beginning and read the previous page?

Dr Rees: “Hello Mr Jones its nice see you again, how is everything?”

Mr Jones: “It seems that some events are transpiring, which are actually beyond my control. Two weeks after our last conversation I was called to a meeting with our vice president, we had quite a lengthy discussion about my view of the business and then he questioned me about my home life and relationships. Essentially he warned me that the role I was playing with the company would be very challenging for my wife and family as I was giving so much of my time to the company. He asked me about my personal life,

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Mr Jones second interview

Have you started from the beginning?

Dr Rees: “Hello Mr Jones, how nice to see you again. During our last interview you spoke of a developing anxiety which I think is associated with sexual dissatisfaction and a lack of intimacy. But before we talk about these issues can you please summarize the changes in your work and if there are any differences in your relationships, or changes you have made.”

Mr Jones: “Yes, my promotion came through although I am still in the same office, I also have a very pretty new secretary, I told you about my sexy colleague in the next office, well I am now her boss and I learned that I got the promotion over

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Mr Jones first interview

Dr Rees: “Ahh Mr Jones, how can I help you?”

Mr Jones: “Hello Dr I have a sense of growing unease within my life and I am not sure where it comes from or what causes it.”

Dr Rees: “The cause of our problems are not always obvious at first, so if you can begin by simply telling me a little about your life and relationships, then I will ask you questions to help delve a little more deeply.”

Mr Jones: “Well Dr, I see it like this. I love and am faithful to my wife, who I have now been married to for 12 years and I have experienced all the normal stresses associated with raising two children, studying

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