Neo-Liberal Fascism

The destroyers of the world

It’s a popular opinion that we live in free and fair democratic societies where human rights apply, and that every individual has rights and freedoms according to their class. All those rights and freedoms are decided by the individual, and providing they don’t cause harm to anyone that matters, almost anything is permissible.

At an individual level, rights and freedoms are limited by laws and social conventions, but at a governmental or corporate level, things are very different. As a society we have fair degree of tolerance towards small-time bludgers and scam artists who if they are caught may suffer a loss of assets and sometimes prison time.

At a governmental and corporate level,

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A Life imbalance

Over the past 100 years, obesity in the developed world has become a disease. The sedentary lifestyle, combined with an excess of refined foods is leading to a quarter of the population having to compromise their lives due to the effects of excess weight and they fall risk to diabetes and other dietary related problems.

The dieting industry has a high failure rate and diet alone seldom works. What does work is a fundamental change in life style which includes dietary changes. Diet programs regularly fail and people try many different and often expensive programs without any significant results.

So why do some people get fat while others don’t?

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Politics of promise turned politics of enslavement

The idea of democracy existed in ancient India and like many great ideas it travelled west. But due to the inaccuracies of history, the credit for inventing democracy went to the Greeks.

At its heart, democracy represents the idea that every individual human being has a right to decide their own destiny, but because we live in a society of individuals that the majority opinion should win any argument relating to governance and law.

This sounds like a very noble idea, but if we look at the modern world we consider democracy has appears to have failed. The reasons for failure are that people are generally disconnected from life and to put it

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