Astral Travelling

You are the light in the body

By Gauri Mataji Devi

Astral Travelling is a process of consciously DETACHING oneself from the gross body and moving on the “astral” or subtle level. It is also called OBE (“out of body experience”).

Astral Travelling is perfectly within the power of each individual. Many people do it unconsciously, sometimes during sleep or in cases of severe suffering or failure of the body system. However, conscious remembrance in the waking state is not the final or only proof of Astral Travelling during sleep/dream, or even a proof that you have indeed had any dreams or not. Everybody dreams, but a very small number of people in specific circumstances actually remember

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How Well Do You Sleep?

A restorative process

Sleep is one of the most mysterious human activities. Science hasn’t been able to tell us why we need to sleep and scientists can only tell us what happens if we don’t sleep.

We all know that if we do not get sufficient rest and sleep, our bodies become more susceptible to infection and we do not function as well as when well rested. The most accepted reason is that sleep serves our psychological and physical restorative functions.

Some people may find that ten hours of sleep is not enough, others will feel well rested and ready for a big day just after only a couple of hours. One of the most common ways to describe the

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