Planet Earth Survival Basics

All life is precious but more so to us are the lives of our selves and families, yet we live a life punctuated by disasters and the earth is despite its beauty and ability to sustain life is a disaster zone where human or any life is of no consequence. When disaster strikes, it often comes without warning and survival is helped by knowing where you are and the relationships of aspects of and with the earth.

Planet Earth

Our earth is a hot ball of molten rock and metals contained within a thin crust of stone and water which is subject to the effects of gravity of our sun, moon and other planets. This crust is broken into tectonic

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Dismantling Nations

A climate of change and a New Zealand earthquake record

Street fractured in Christchurch earthquakes

Global warming is no longer a fiction, it is a fact which means that one must be pragmatic in one’s life and also when making travel plans. Most of the Middle East is no longer a good travel destination due to the conflicts, but the rest of the world is becoming more dangerous due to mankind’s impact on earth.

Volcanic eruptions, super storms and earthquakes have been more frequent in recent years. There has been loss of life in China, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ecuador and other countries due to the earthquakes. Volcanoes are not quite so bad as for the moment they seem

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Canterbury 2015

The endless recovery

Many are still fearful of earthquakes which continue to stretch the land. Many are being ripped off by their insurance companies and may be still homeless. Many have lost their jobs and have to take up temporary work in the rebuild which is pulling in workers from around the world who will have to be catered for when the rebuild is complete. We are not immune from the declining economy, we are not immune from local council decisions which controls every aspect of our lives.

Local government

Government by the people for the people? Yeah right…

As our mayor steps down over the building consents, let think about that. The building consent process is draconian and favours

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Christchurch renewing

Four years on

The newly restored Theatre Royal

After the city of Christchurch was almost completely destroyed by earthquakes in December 2010 and February 2011, the city is beginning to find its feet.

While a great many homeowners are still battling with the insurance companies and living in broken homes, a major building boom is underway in central city re-establishing shops and mauls to replace the temporary shopping precinct made up of shipping containers.

Being a joint host of the cricket World Cup is a test of the city’s resources, but it seems to be coping quite well one of the ongoing daily problems in the city’s traffic. As so many businesses and shops relocated away from the

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