Water Holds Memory

Ancient knowledge confirmed by modern science

Copper, the ideal water storage. Note it must be well cleaned regularly

Most of us tend to think as water as a convenience and something to nourish our bodies. In fact we can’t live more than about three days without water which makes it a necessity for life.

Within ancient yogic and Hindu understanding, water was highly respected and even venerated because there was the knowledge that our bodies were approximately 70% water. So while water had all its practical applications, the perception of water was that as an entity it has memory.

Memory of water is subtle and yet powerful, if you mistreat the water it will not nurture and support life.

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Spiritual Healing

Hearts of gold and hands of light

Turning to God and the realm of the spirit in prayer and the laying on of hands have long been used in times of sickness and disaster, often as a last resort, and miracles do happen, prayer can be effective when all else has failed.

Spiritual healing is when spirit intervenes to heal allowing peace, prosperity and joy in life. Spirit sees any illness or injury as a symptom of life imbalance. Sickness of body and mind, mistrust, crime, civil unrest and war are symptoms of imbalance and all are spiritually curable.

Spirit sees life and the universe as energy, physical, mental and spiritual. Any imbalance in any one energy layer when untreated,

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