Kalayo Music

World Music from the Philippines

Kalayo was formerly known as the Pinikpikan Band, a group of musicians who dared to be different and if you listen, you’ll hear influences of Sanatana, Jimi Hendrix and a range of New Age sounds. They are to the Philippines what Osibisa was to the UK, rebels and consequently pioneers.

Kalayo is a Visayan-Filipino word for “fire” which sounds more inspiring than Pinikpikan which translates to flogging a chicken; a horrid method of killing chickens before cooking. Kalayo is flame; be it yellow, blue, red, green or violet, the heat of their music will always make you feel hot and want more.

Officially formed in 1999, the band has made four music cd albums

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Filipinos can Sing

The Filipino industry of sound

Music and song is culturally endemic and for many career minded Filipino’s, a good voice can launch a great career.

The Aegis Band performing in Christchurch, New Zealand 31-01-15 Charice Pempengco; a child star who’s reputation soared after her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Pinikpikan Butanding

Consequently almost every Filipino learns to sing from a young age and for many it represents a pathway out of poverty. Whe you’re touring the country, there’s music everywhere and people either singing along or wowing the performer.

It’s hard to believe that many girls who are scarcely five feet tall can hit and hold those high notes that many singers can only dream of.

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Hit the party scene, relax or explore the region

Cancun by Cailyn

Located on located on the Caribbean shore, on the north-east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula and north of the Riviera Maya, Cancún is the last place between Mexico and Cuba.

Cancún is a world-renowned tourist destination and a base to explore the Yucatán Peninsula. There are some ancient sites nearby and while the climate is near perfect all year, it is subject to hurricanes. The best time to visit is between December and April. It’s hottest there between May and September with high humidity all year round.

Cancún has many beautiful hotels along the beachfront and the hotel Zone is shaped like the

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In New Zealand there is a wide variety of entertainments in which to indulge, from public bars and clubs with live bands, sports clubs, sports events, restaurants café ‘s, movies, live theatre often with international acts, nightclubs, and brothels.

Dvd & video hire shops are widespread.

Throughout the year international artists regularly perform in the main cities to complement New Zealand’s own unique talents.

The movie “Lord of the Rings” is justifiably famous and has introduced many people to the beauty of this country. Here are some behind the scenes clips from the set.

Many Kiwis like to party, so it may be worth the time to stop and meet some of the locals.

Over the summer period, Christchurch City

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Philippine Nightlife

Party central

Staff and friends at the Palace at Fort, BGC Taguig

Almost every Filipino likes to sing karaoke, joke and eat, throughout the Philippines you will find a wide range of entertainments with restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. With the spread of the large shopping malls in most cities where many tourists and locals alike flock to the escape the heat, there is an abundance of movie theatres and karaoke bars.

Most SM Malls have several movie theatres and the entry fee is about P120. You get to see a wide selection of Filipino and popular International movies.

Filipino arts and culture is experiencing a revival and you can learn

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SM Mall of Asia

Cool off, shop, eat and be entertained

SM Mall of Asia taken from atop the ferris wheel

There are SM Malls all over the Philippines and they are great to cool off, find clean restrooms and those favourite items to stem homesickness.

But, the SM Mall of Asia is the largest in the Philippines and it’s said to be one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It’s located right on the Manila foreshore and here you’ll find two floors of shops spread over several acres; more than you can visit in several days.

What you’ll find:

Within the mall areas you will find all manner of shops, with all the well known international brands right down

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