Sexy and sometimes downright funny

After some forty years of massaging it seems as if there is nothing left about people to surprise me. When the clothes come off, they are either shy, frightened or somehow emboldened, especially if some mind altering substance such as alcohol or other drug has been consumed prior to their arrival or an appointment.

On the other hand they may have been reading their favourite romance novel or watching porn and have formed certain ideas of what massage is all about and what they really desire.

When I consider all the things that have happened to me I can only conclude that we are rather strange

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The Casting Couch

The story of many Hollywood legends

The casting couch was something I was familiar with. I had been an actress for almost seven years, and the first three took me nowhere. Audition after audition would go by with no callbacks. I was starving, even with the tips I made as a waitress.

“You know the girls they choose are the ones that put out,” a black girl told me. “I’ve gotten lots of parts. Check it out.” She showed me her portfolio and I looked at some of the parts she had snagged and I was impressed.

“So you had sex with the directors?” I asked, curiously.

“Yeah. It works. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

“Why are you

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Brenda Kaye

A city girl goes a little country

When Brenda Kaye left the ranch after our open day, those who’d had chance to know her very intimately had trouble containing our astonishment not to mention our delight for a few days afterwards. We had all heard of nice looking city girls being enticed onto the ranch for a role in the hay that we never thought it would happen to us.

Martin of course stop the short end of the stick because he turned up just as I was finishing and then he took over, something that Brenda clearly enjoyed and I was too excited to be embarrassed. The standing there fucking her, her hands resting on the water trough with

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And girls who love sex

Stephanie opened her eyes from sleep, kicked away the sheet and stretched before rising and drawing back the curtains. She knew it was going to be a very warm day and she had a lunch date with Simon, a thought which made her body tingle.

Her eyes drifted across the adjacent building to where an elderly man was sitting reading his paper in the morning sun. She turned and used the bathroom before walking through to the kitchen and switching the kettle on. Her house mate Carol was still asleep so Stephanie went to her room, opened the curtains and told her to wake up.

Stephanie was well aware that Carol had an earlier start

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Desire Leads to Trouble

And a happy ending

Image courtesy BNI

Hi, you can call me Carol, a happily single 28-year-old lawyer. All the guys in the office think I’m pretty good-looking and I’m not likely to disagree as the flattery as nice. Its a fairly high stress job and its normal behaviour for the guys after a bad day or a particularly good day to go out and get laid after work though it’s not considered proper for women.

It would have been convenient to get off with some of my colleagues that we had a strict rule about office affairs just in case they got out of hand. My sex life on the whole is

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Massage Fun

Getting more than I expected

Hello again, I’ve already shared with you my search for the perfect massage and since I’ve been married, I’ve broadened my horizons and opened myself to some interesting experiences. But first I should tell you that even though I’m married, work often keeps us apart and he is happy for me to indulge in such physical pleasures.

We’d only been back from the honeymoon for two weeks when we went to a party and I got talking about massage with the lady of the house who said her husband had magic hands and enjoyed treating family and friends. We weren’t exactly friends, but he was friendly enough and after my new hubby agreed, we scheduled

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Did I Want To?

Spring break at Lake Havasu

Spring Break was still four months away when all the talk and planning started. I wasn’t particularly interested, but as the week came closer I realised that if I wanted to be “in” I had to participate. I also came to realise that most of my friends and peers really disliked their lives and they couldn’t wait to get drunk and party like there was no tomorrow.

I talked to Mum and she said that while I could choose not to go, it was a rite of passage that I should probably go through with although I didn’t have to do anything disagreeable. So really, Mum was no help at all and rather than

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Moving House

A tale of love

I sat on the hood of my car at the address you sent me, watching and waiting to see you again. It had been over 15 years since we graduated from college and today I was going to have the world’s most perfect smile all to myself. I had been the typical, stupid, drunk frat guy that spent my nights at any party or club I could find, and my days hungover in class. You on the other hand, always had your nose in a book, so damn smart, totally focused on your future. Not me, I wanted to live in the moment and to hell with what was coming my way later in life.


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Oh Fatso

A Christmas Tale

Part one of a Xmas let go

On Christmas Eve we’d organised Christmas for the kids, and had everything packed for them to spend the holiday break with their cousins upstate. But for me being the junior partner in a law firm, I had been elected to work over on a few cases due in court in the coming weeks.

But on that Christmas eve night I dreamt of making out with Santa Claus which was weird because not only did I not believe but I also loathed fat men. I woke up feeling totally turned on and if the kids hadn’t been running round in excitement I would have satisfied myself with Rick, my husband.


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Enter Nigel

A Christmas Tale

Part two of a Xmas let go. Pt1

The office walls were frosted glass thankfully, but the door to my office was open. As I walked towards the door while still adjusting my skirt to meet my client, I saw that I’d left my knickers on the floor near the drinks cabinet. But there he was in the doorway, 6 foot four and clearly a man who worked out wearing board shorts and a T-shirt.

His appearance was rather stunning and I was all too painfully aware that I’d just been nicely fucked and had a strong drink. As I politely said hello and shook his hand, I was secretly cursing the doorman for waiting until

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