Life changes in mysterious ways

Hi, this s Donna again, some time back I wrote about My Vegas Wedding, My Honeymoon and the start of My married life.

If you have read the preceding pages then you know that my life was somewhat unconventional and that unconventionality continued after getting back from our holiday in Key West. Steve and I got on wonderfully despite the fact that we were both spending time fucking other people. I don’t normally talk about fucking very much but in this forum, I really want to make the point that it was about sex, chasing pleasure meaningful intimacy.

I could have by legs

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My Vegas Wedding

From the day before getting hitched

Hi, I’m Donna and what I’m about to tell you is probably not unusual, at least not the first part. Steve and I had decided to get married in Las Vegas. We’d already been dating fairly seriously for a year and were saving up to buy a house so we decided that our wedding wouldn’t be too extravagant and we figured that by going to Vegas we could also start our honeymoon there.

About a month before, I came home and found Stephen bed with my girlfriend Gloria and she was probably the main organiser for our wedding beside me. My parents died years ago and the rest of my family weren’t particularly interested

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My Honeymoon

From the day after getting hitched

Hi, I’m Donna and I assume you’ve read part one.

After getting married yesterday, sleeping through the morning and me getting fucked on a small mountaintop we had dinner, partied for a while and fell into bed. Steve and I were so fucked as in tired we didn’t even bother trying to have sex. My girlfriend Gloria and Steve’s occasional lover slept in the spare bed and sometime during the night I heard her let someone into the unit and they had sex.

When I woke up, the morning was well underway and Helen and Gloria were there waiting for my other two girlfriends before driving home. I drank half

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With The Wedding Over

My married life

Hi, I’m Donna, I’m enjoying writing up my experiences and I hope you’ve read part one and part two and this is from as we got home from our short honeymoon.

We bought dinner on the way home and when we got there, Steve was pretty much fucked even though he tried to fuck me again but then he was totally out to it. After he was asleep I walked across to the Kwik shop just for something to do because I didn’t feel like sitting around watching TV. Our neighbourhood seemed so puerile, so sterile and uninteresting.

I bought myself a chocolate bar and turned down an invitation

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Sexy and sometimes downright funny

After some forty years of massaging it seems as if there is nothing left about people to surprise me. When the clothes come off, they are either shy, frightened or somehow emboldened, especially if some mind altering substance such as alcohol or other drug has been consumed prior to their arrival or an appointment.

On the other hand they may have been reading their favourite romance novel or watching porn and have formed certain ideas of what massage is all about and what they really desire.

When I consider all the things that have happened to me I can only conclude that we are rather strange

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A Girl Learns About Sex

A story about growing up sensibly

Hi Dianna, my names Melanie and you can change the name as you like, I don’t particularly care and since you asked for some first-time sex stories, I’ll tell you about my first experiences and perhaps other kids may learn something.

I’m one of those girls who became a woman at a young age, that is I grew a woman’s figure and began menstruating when I was 10 years old and all the shit that went with it. I guess because I was tallish I carried it better than some girls but for two years I kept my blouses buttoned up and wore these really horrid bras that kind of crushed my boobs not

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Growing Up Sensibly Continued

Melanie continues her story – part one

In my opinion, learning about sex is easy but only if you ignore everyone else’s advice. I listened to girls and guys about their experiences but when anyone tried to tell me what to do, I instinctively switched off to whatever they happened to be saying. As you recall I told you about beginning to have sex at age 11, an age by which a lot of girls are having babies, a lot of Islamic girls in particular are marrying old men or who are being traded for some political favour or kidnapped and sold into the brothels of the world.

You asked me about the morality of what I was doing

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Photo Club

A day in the country

As a younger girl alone at home I would often go to my parents bedroom and look through father’s collection of Playboy magazines. I thought the girls were ever so beautiful and for a time I dreamt of being a model although when I posed naked in the mirror in the positions taken by some of the Playboy girls, I just didn’t have the body.

People told me I was pretty and through a friend at school I got involved with a camera club. I couldn’t afford a camera but I learned how to develop black and white film and helped out in the dark room from time to time. Occasionally during club meets some

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Growing Up Sensibly Pt3

Melanie continues her story – part onepart two

Hi Dianna, after writing in some detail about my first sexual experiences I figure if I continue, it will take me a month of Sundays and I should probably write an entire book. But I have to be practical and there is no way I can continue with such detail so instead I’ll summarise and perhaps describe some of the interesting bits along with my philosophical view.

I haven’t reread what I wrote and I haven’t corrected any spelling errors so picking up from where I left off as I recall as it’s over a month since I wrote that last piece, I’d been swimming and spent an

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The Casting Couch

The story of many Hollywood legends

The casting couch was something I was familiar with. I had been an actress for almost seven years, and the first three took me nowhere. Audition after audition would go by with no callbacks. I was starving, even with the tips I made as a waitress.

“You know the girls they choose are the ones that put out,” a black girl told me. “I’ve gotten lots of parts. Check it out.” She showed me her portfolio and I looked at some of the parts she had snagged and I was impressed.

“So you had sex with the directors?” I asked, curiously.

“Yeah. It works. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

“Why are you

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