Hard Times

When economies fall, women sell their bodies for cash

The development of the modern economy began thousands of years ago which gave rise to slavery and prostitution as we came to know it. With the development of agriculture men developed unhealthy desires for the fruit of labour and the joy of pleasure without earning it themselves.

They rated neighbouring lands bringing it back strong men to do the physical work and women for sex. Over these thousands of years, little has changed only the methodology governing the acquisition and control of slaves for any purpose has modernised.

Traditionally in countries without social welfare, the poor have been disposed of or conscripted into another service as soldiers or comfort women. As

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Feminine Hygiene

When looked after carefully, natural sponges are a safe and clean alternative to tampons. But unlike tampons, they can be reused, may last for years and of course natural sea sponges are better than synthetic sponges. Do not use coloured sponges as the chemicals in the dye may have an unpleasant or uncomfortable reaction.

In term of use and practicality, natural sea sponges can be trimmed to size and absorb more than synthetic ones but as they are soft, they will conform to the shape of your vaginal cavity. If a sponge is too big, it will be difficult to insert and won’t absorb any more than a smaller one. If a sponge is too small, it may

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Pushing boundaries

Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa’s Sexual Scandal With Seven Men

It is often said that gossip makes the world go round and such stories should be left out of the media. But this is such a juicy tale that gave the world’s media organisations a field day.

The context is patriarchal and moral. Probably millions of men have had sex with multiple partners over the space of weeks and if anyone finds out, they are seen as heroes. Should any man be discovered in bed with seven women, he would be seen as a god.

However when a woman has such a strong libido, she is condemned and her family often suffers some disgrace. Civilisation only pretends to be moral

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A girls life

Meera was a dissident, as a child her parents thought her strange partly because she was compliant and nice to everyone, but also she loved to sit quietly in the garden and sometimes the birds would land on her.

She loved nature and wondered about her purpose in life. She couldn’t remember when she began masturbating and it had always been an important part of her life. By the time she was 10, her body was beginning to develop and her self-expression of her own sexuality through masturbation was as natural as meditation.

She was top of her class in school and devoured many books by heavyweight authors like Hermann Hesse and Joseph Campbell. She thought that

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Scenarios - Cheska

A story of growing up

Cheska had been warned many times by her parents to stay away from that part of town with insufficient explanation as to why and of course she took little notice. Then she met a couple of girls in school who lived near that place and they’ve said the fear was all hype.

The following Saturday, she was bored, her parents were out and were nothing better to do she had the good sense to dress down and then walked across the tracks.

The neighbourhood was poorer, but the people seemed friendly and when she’d seen enough, she took a bus back into the city. She had proved herself that she could make her own decisions

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Spit Drinkin Hookers

This guy goes into a brothel and says he wants the best blowjob he can get for $100.

The madam says, “Go to the room, take off all your clothes and we will be with you as soon as possible.”

So he goes to the room and takes off all of his clothes and a few minutes later a fine hooker comes in the room. She gives him a blowjob and he busts a nut and then she reaches under the bed and pulls out a jar and spits in it.

He says, “Will you do that again if I give you another $100?”

She says, “Sure.” He gives her another $100 and she gives him another blowjob and he

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This is a purportedly true exchange that even Monty Python would be proud of. Here’s the background:

Ian works in a coffee, bagels, and sandwiches trailer on the campus of UNH. (The University of New Hampshire, for those not from the East Coast of the U.S.) Vinnie is his boss and the owner of the truck, and yes, according to Ian, this actually happened:

Her: Yes, I’d like a milk with some coffee in it.

Me: So, that’s just a splash of coffee in a milk?

Her: No, a regular amount of milk, but not coffee.

Me: Is there more milk or coffee?

Her: Oh, definitely more coffee.

Me: So that’s a coffee with some extra milk.

Her: Just the

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Would banning prostitution make women safer?

Opinion – 08 July 2013 – New Scientist

Believe it or not, sex workers fulfil vital roles within society.

Most of what we think we know about sex trafficking is wrong, says Laura Agustín, who has spent 20 years investigating the sex industry.

There is a proposal in the UK to clamp down on prostitution by criminalising the purchase of sex. Why do you object?

“Millions of people around the world make a living selling sex, for many different reasons. What are they expected to do? This would take away their livelihoods. Selling sex may be their preference out of a limited range of options. In the UK, migrants may have paid thousands of pounds to get here.

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Stella's party

High school girls earn cash

Stella had the misfortune to get pregnant when she was 13, but since then she had been the model daughter as far as her parents were concerned. But in reality, since her abortion she had been offering sex for money and been careful not to get pregnant or catch any unwanted disease.

She tolerated her parents double standards as on the face of it they tried to present themselves as a model couple, but Stella knew they both had lovers on the side. Stella’s lovers also served as her eyes and ears so she knew a lot more about was happening in their modest sized town than many.

Arranging the unsupervised party was surprisingly easy.

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Adult Auckland

Sex city

The adult visitor to Auckland will find the nightlife has much to offer. A city with over 1 million people, Auckland has a wide range of clubs bars venues and parlours to frequent as well as a pumping dancing scene where you can meet new people.

The variety ranges from classic pub environments to massage parlours and brothels which are all completely legal. Hence sex tourism plays a significant role in this country.

Some of the favourite pubs around Auckland’s CBD are; the Empire Tavern, Lee Field, the Loaded Hog, the Waterfront, Provider and the Playhouse.

Several of these are located in the viaduct Basin and are great places to pick up new friends. The Carlton Tavern in

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