Genetics and Golden Rice

The tip of a growing wedge into Asia

The topic of genetic engineering, only occurs in the mainstream media when groups like Greenpeace and other concerned citizens take action by destroying genetically modified crops. Yet most of our mainstream media has not bothered to look into the genetic modifications of food and its reporting mostly supports the corporate bias.

In the United States of America, it is estimated that genetically modified food can be found in about 80% of all processed food products and meat. Within the USA, the public has no right to know what foods are or are not geneticly modified and the genetics industry there has government endorsement and protection.

The primary reasons for growing genetically modified

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Having Children

In an overcrowded world

The rationale behind dating and falling in love is to find a suitable partner to bond with so as to have and raise children and thereby perpetuate our species.

But in case you haven’t noticed, our global population is approaching 7 billion and about half of that number don’t have enough to eat. We are the only species on this planet that has such a capable mind and the ability to take control of our lives in such a way that other species cannot.

So many people think it is important to have a family that is somehow independent of the global family of humanity. It is a fact that we have a genetic predisposition to

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The Gotra System

The first knowledge of genetics

India is a country that has been largely dismissed by historians and in fact Indian history was rewritten by the British only a few hundred years ago. They never took into account any of India’s true history, however the real history of India is slowly merging to show a culture far more advanced than any European culture stretching back for many thousands of years.

It is from India that we received the decimal system of numbers and Indian scientists had a knowledge of our place in the universe unmatched in Europe until the 20th century. Western scientists scoff at the idea that the Indians knew anything, however the facts of history are now making

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The eugenics debate

Human betterment or deprivation?

When it comes to the dating and mating games, we are instinctively attracted to the stronger and healthier mates. This is natural and no one comments. But if you’re not healthy or have some undesirable genetic trait, should you even bother to reproduce?

In this podcast from Radio NZ, you can listen to a Eugenics debate.

I’m not about to answer this question. But we need to take in some considerations. The world is over populated and we don’t need to breed as profusely as we did ten thousand years ago.

The health of the human population is rapidly declining and we will probably go extinct within a hundred thousand years if we don’t destroy

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Broadening the GCSB Debate

Could the GCSB act be an anti virus program?

While Key bashing is amusing, it’s also negative and unproductive, after all his mind is this way for more reasons than any of us can ever know. But we must remember that the power over us is US imperialism, a force growing because the largest export earner from the US is military supplies. The insidious side to this is that not only is the US creating conflict in regions to exploit assets like oil, but it is perpetuating war to maintain its own economy.

To understand the GCSB, I think it’s important to understand the global context in which this is happening as without taking the ‘whole’ into account, the view

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Still alive and kicking

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Eugenics is a concept to cover what people in general think of as being the ‘weeding out of those who may undermine the health of the species’. As with livestock it is about selective breeding ostensibly to make our species stronger.

Throughout the Second World War, the Hitler regime in Germany as we know decided that the Jews were an inferior species and therefore set out to exterminate them. They also carried out a euthanasia program; an operation that targeted German citizens suffering from mental illness and physical disabilities. The Japanese held a similar view about anyone not Japanese, a view which served to justify their

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