Strengthen Eyesight

And let there be light

Perhaps more than any other organ of perception, we rely on our eyes to define the world around us and see our way. When we look into each others eyes, we instantly know if we have an affinity giving rise to the expression that ‘our eyes are the windows to our souls’.

But like so much in our life, our eyes are taken for granted. Just think, if you want to run a race or climb a mountain you do some training but usually we accept our eyes are there and pay them no heed until such time as they begin to lose their receptivity. In other words our vision begins to fail.

Some children

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Eye Lines

In search of eternal youth

The smoothness of youth.

When we are young and stress free, our facial skin is smooth and wrinkle free provided we survive acne and other blemishes as we age. So here is what happens as we age and some simple remedies to maintain attractiveness.

Eye lines

These are part of the aging process, they are our smile lines and if we smile a lot, there’s no avoiding them although a healthy diet and lifestyle will delay their appearance.

When we see the elderly with nicely defined smile lines, it’s normal to feel warmth and sense of trust toward them.

The tell tale signs of age

But when we are young, it

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Euphrasia officinalis

Also known as Eyebright, Euphrasia can be found growing wild in very difficult conditions, such as railway lines and rubbish dumps. It is a fairly small, tender-looking plant which produces white flowers with purple veins in summer. The name “euphrasia” is Greek, meaning “good cheer”.

Healing uses: To make euphrasia tea, add 1 heaped teaspoon of the dried herb to 3 cups of water. Bring the mixture to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to stand for an additional 30 minutes before straining.

As its alternate name suggests, euphrasia is very effective for treating eye conditions, including conjunctivitis, eye strain and eye inflammation. For these problems, the tea should be applied directly to the eye with

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Eye secrets

Eyelid Lifter Or Surgery?

Eyeslasticity For Vibrant Young Eyes

So it’s coming true, over work and partying late is making look as if you are ageing prematurely. If you find that you are overdoing your work and social life, and that your body is beginning to suffer, eyelasticity as a solution because many people in your situation are turning to surgery in order to maintain their youthful complexion.

You could of course cut back your work and socialising, and instead stay home, meditate, eat well and have regular massages? But that’s not you at this stage of life, help is here.

Eyebag and eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is an increasingly popular surgical procedure that lifts droopy upper eye lids

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