The Mystery Rock

A dream story

Once upon a time, the residents of a small rural village emerged from their homes one morning to see a huge rock that had mysteriously appeared beside their village. It was very big and took up the space of several houses, the people gathered around guessing about how the rock might have appeared. It was far too big for anyone to move and probably weighed more than 1000 tons.

While all the villagers were bewildered, the family who owned the piece of land that it occupied were most upset because it interfered with their lifestyle. But as the word went around the district, people flocked to see this big rock and the affected family became wealthy by

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Frustration bites

When finding a mate or battling chemistry

Ravi was tall dark and handsome, he was also quite well to do and a little different from most guys I dated. We regularly saw each other socially as we had many mutual friends but I don’t think he noticed my interest in him.

I should tell you that I had been seeing anyone regularly for the past six months and at every opportunity when I saw Ravi I’d engage him in some conversation. This was easy because he was Indian and I was really curious about Indian mysticism. Now I think about it, perhaps I was just asking too many questions about the wrong subject.

Of course I talked about him with

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Ethics of Incest

Questioning the Ethics of Incest

Reblogged from Lots Cave Publishing

When it comes to the topic of incest erotica, nothing could be more forefront than parent-child relationships. There’s no relationship more debated or controversial than that of parent-child. In the public perception of incest, parent-adult child relationships bring only negative connotations. Often, such relationships are perceived as abusive, and many picture younger children forced into sexual acts. In erotica however, only consented parent-adult child incest is allowed and published. So why then, is the relationship so controversial?

Parent-adult child incest between father and daughter is legal within Islam and in Japan mother son liaisons are common, but it takes place in most countries as the parents succumb

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Sex research

“How many applications do you think we have now,” Dr. Horton asked his research assistant, Doris Brewer?

“About fifty I’d guess,” she replied while scanning the list, “and we have a nice cross section of ages, all the way from nineteen up to sixty three.”

“Good,” he said, “what’s the breakdown on married and single?”

“About 70-30,” she replied, “with most of them being single.”

“Hmmm, I wish we had more married women participating in the survey,” he opined, “but I guess a lot of husbands wouldn’t want their wives involved in something like this, so we’ll just have to make do with what we have, right?”

“That’s right,” Doris answered, “and if you’re ready, our first candidate is waiting

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The calm after..

Lying there as I cool off afterwards, my mind is free and my senses alive.

Orgasm is something which is sometimes personal and sometimes shared with my lover as we become one.

I cannot distinguish between the euphoria of an orgasm and the euphoria and connectedness to life that comes in meditation.

Both take me to a place where heart and mind become one and the world exists inside me.

It is impossible not to feel the suffering of the world.

Yet as much as I work to heal myself, all around me the suffering of the world increases. My heart bleeds for the world and I do what I can to relieve the suffering of others

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Reading the news

Crime, Corruption and Media Bias

I had a story in mind that I was going to share with you yesterday, however I got sidetracked into looking at the news. Like more stuff on Ferguson and the release of an autopsy report in Louisiana raising new questions about how a 22-year-guy was shot in a police car while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

All this stuff often freaks me out a bit and sometimes deters me from watching the news. Despite our suppose it amazing intelligence that sets us apart from the animals, people don’t get it that we have to live together and we’ve got nowhere else to go.

If you’ve been reading my stories,

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