Relationships and Fidelity

My husband is at work but his brother is hitting on me

Dear Dianna, my name is Roxanne from California, USA. I’ve been married to Scott for two years and I’m just about to turn 23. To make ends meet he works really long hours but so far I’ve only been able to get some casual part-time work which is fine because we’re doing okay.

But it’s almost 2 months ago now that Scott’s brother Brett came to stay with us after losing his job. His situation was desperate enough that is only choices were to stay with us or live on the streets. Initially Scott was indifferent to him but after a word from his mother, he finally invited

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A factor in all relationships

It’s one of those social things where there is no clear answer, if we look back through history, the ruling elite have always had sex on the side in addition to their primary relationships. With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, the ruling classes had sex with whoever they wanted while the middle-class men preferred prostitutes to having sex with their wives which often created more babies to feed.

The working poor, they clung to each other in desperation to survive and marriage became an economic and social unit whereas for the wealthy, marriage was a convenience. Across all classes of society today, there are a great many marriages of convenience and love may or

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Cyanide Please

A lady walked into a drugstore and told the pharmacist she needed some cyanide.

The pharmacist said, “Why in the world do you need cyanide?”

The lady then explained that she needed it to poison her husband. The pharmacist’s eyes got big and he said, “Lord have mercy, I can’t give you cyanide to kill your husband! That’s against the law! They’ll throw both of us in jail and I’ll lose my license.”

Then the lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist’s wife, and handed it to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, “Well now, you didn’t tell me you had a prescription.”



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Father Ted

A boy who became a priest

His home life was violent and he’d seen his father raping two of his older sisters. Like most boys of his age, he’d engaged in some petty crime, some of the proceeds he gave to his mum who never asked any questions and the rest of it was usually spent on booze.

Ted was a bright boy, but he had no distinguishing characteristics. He was typical of most boys, he liked to get drunk and talk about sex with his mates. He’d not long turned eighteen when he did a burglary, he only took the cash and treated his mates to a few drinks. There were five of them in their childhood hangout, a

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Mr Jones first interview

Dr Rees: “Ahh Mr Jones, how can I help you?”

Mr Jones: “Hello Dr I have a sense of growing unease within my life and I am not sure where it comes from or what causes it.”

Dr Rees: “The cause of our problems are not always obvious at first, so if you can begin by simply telling me a little about your life and relationships, then I will ask you questions to help delve a little more deeply.”

Mr Jones: “Well Dr, I see it like this. I love and am faithful to my wife, who I have now been married to for 12 years and I have experienced all the normal stresses associated with raising two children, studying

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