Her Libido

Stoking your inner heat

Libido is characteristically thought of as the desire for sex, however the term ‘libido’ also covers reproductive capacity, the readiness to engage sexually, and the happiness and enthusiasm for all that life has to offer.

Lack of libido (female sexual arousal disorder) or sex drive is typified as being common in women and rare in men. The American Medical Association estimates that several million US women suffer while in the UK, increasingly large numbers of women attend clinics complaining of low libido.

It’s well known that many women have problems achieving orgasm but many have no real desire to have sex and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of love-making. There are

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I Want My Sex Drive Back

Where did you loose it?

Are you dealing with a waning libido that is leaving you less and less interested in sex? Or worse… has your sex drive gone altogether? Lets look at this:

A strong sex drive is indicative of a healthy body and mind, so if you’ve lost your sex drive and not just left it with your keys that you can’t find, that’s an indication that either your physical health, or your state of mind and relationships are due for some examination.

In today’s high-pressure world it is no surprise that people who have a poor diet a lack of exercise and less than ideal social lives find that by the time they have completed all the

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Massage for her libido

The sensitivity and power of full body holistic massage (R)

After many years as a massage therapist, I continue to be amazed by the transformative effects of a full body massage including the inner hips, groins and sometime genitals. Typically during such treatments, clients instead of finding the treatment just a turn on, they become more grounded and connected to their roots (base chakras). This helps become more accepting of life, balanced in their views which in turn creates mental and emotional stability.

As a male working in the industry, I’ve always had guys wanting extras like hand relief that I’ve never been into. But some women have asked for this service. But what is more significant is women who

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