One of Our Greatest Mysteries

What is the origin of fair skin?

It is generally thought that before 6000 BC, the human population was universally dark skinned. If the out of Africa theory were true and this has largely been dispensed with in favour of the development of local independent human populations in various regions, we would all have African features including skin colour.

Some argue that the development of fear skin represents a natural process of adaptation to enable the absorption of more vitamin D in temperate and cold climates. The most obvious drawback to this idea is that the peoples of the extreme northern latitudes living in and around the Arctic circle are rather dark skinned. If that adaptation as some sometimes claim,

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History on its Head

The DNA trail in its true light

Beauty and Intelligence – South India

For many people the out of Africa theory as regards to human evolution has been accepted as an irrefutable fact, yet much of the actual evidence in the story has been buried because the archaeological and scientific communities doing the research operate as personality cults. It takes a great deal of courage to correct one’s Professor or the words on the page of some eminent writer.

Yet Dr. P. Priyadarshi has done this and in the video below which sadly is not of the best quality takes apart human migration theory based on DNA evidence and then he matches corresponding migrations of horses, cattle, mice

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Genetics and Golden Rice

The tip of a growing wedge into Asia

The topic of genetic engineering, only occurs in the mainstream media when groups like Greenpeace and other concerned citizens take action by destroying genetically modified crops. Yet most of our mainstream media has not bothered to look into the genetic modifications of food and its reporting mostly supports the corporate bias.

In the United States of America, it is estimated that genetically modified food can be found in about 80% of all processed food products and meat. Within the USA, the public has no right to know what foods are or are not geneticly modified and the genetics industry there has government endorsement and protection.

The primary reasons for growing genetically modified

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The Evolution of Meat

A divergence from nature

The Belgians are known for one or two odd experiments, and this is the genetically modified, hyper-sculpted and ultra-muscular physique of the Belgian Blue.

We can only presume that humans have always eaten meat, but as we came through into the modern era, in most parts of the world meat remained a luxury and not the staple food that it is today.

Until the development of agriculture and the domestication of livestock, all meat was from animals that were hunted and trapped. This was real game meat and the quality of that meat depended on the nature of the animal and the quality of its life.

In nature there are lions and other carnivores

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The down side of meat

Strength for the body at the expense of our humanity

While animal and fish protein provides power and growth factors that make us strong, there is a cost. Meat takes longer to digest and it’s often laden with hormones and other agricultural chemicals like ractopamine that is used in beef, pork, turkeys and other food animals.

The same growth and performance can be gained from a vegetarian or semi vegetarian diet and lifestyle as documented by the famous author Michio Kushi who developed the concept of Macrobiotics.

By eating meat, the body becomes burdened by the weight of emotion the animal was carrying at the moment of its death combined along with all the toxins and environmental poisons

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Consciousness and DNA

You have the power to change your nature

In all the holy books of the world it is said that even the most despicable characters should they transform themselves progress to heaven and should the sick transform themselves, they will become well.

It has long been known but not very well discussed or understood that our DNA is malleable. This course is key to adaptation to new environments and not peculiar only to humans, but all life. A simple example is that children who ride horses, their pelvis will grow a little differently to those who never ride horses.

In a recent TV program (though the wormhole), Morgan Freeman and his experts were saying that DNA changes over time and

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DNA and Our Genetics

Key to our evolution and survival or demise as a species

When we consider our history over the past few thousand years, Western science has virtually ‘only just’ discovered DNA. In their analysis, scientists because they couldn’t understand what they were dealing with were quick to label most of our DNA as junk. However if we jump back to ancient India they have known about DNA thousands of years and they used that knowledge to create a strong and healthy population.

One way of understanding DNA is that it is the blueprint for the creation and the function of our body and mind. Let’s remember that our body is a composite of all the food that we have eaten

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The Cancer of the World

A rising anxiety

Most of us have sufficient common sense to be comfortable with the basic facts of life and not be too bothered by them. We understand the basic process of birth and living in a society where we must work and pay taxes.

Cancers are an imbalance within the environment of a particular individual where normal cell growth mutates. In terms of history, cancers have been common in individuals within all societies but they have a number of triggers that set them off.

The most obvious causes of cancer are bacteria, viruses and exposure to toxic substances such as radiation. These things cause a breakdown of individual human bodies resulting in death.

The human body is an organism,

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The Gotra System

The first knowledge of genetics

India is a country that has been largely dismissed by historians and in fact Indian history was rewritten by the British only a few hundred years ago. They never took into account any of India’s true history, however the real history of India is slowly merging to show a culture far more advanced than any European culture stretching back for many thousands of years.

It is from India that we received the decimal system of numbers and Indian scientists had a knowledge of our place in the universe unmatched in Europe until the 20th century. Western scientists scoff at the idea that the Indians knew anything, however the facts of history are now making

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GMO Corn Failure

Amazing but deadly

It looks so perfect, but deception can kill

Corn or maize is the the most consumed grain alongside rice and wheat. It originated and was domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica in prehistoric times, and over countless generations it has been selectively bred to give different varieties and is grown world wide.

Even though it’s high in gluten, most of us love sweet corn fresh from the field, lightly boiled and smothered in butter or grilled. It’s delicious and full of energy but increasing numbers of people are becoming allergic not just to sweet corn, but all products containing corn. It’s such a widely used product used as a thickening and binding agent (cornflour) and

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