Global Genocide List

Atrocities at the behest of emotion and reason

Genocide takes many forms and represents humankind’s incapacity to be human and a degree of inhumanity towards one’s fellow man that is beyond the understanding of the rational mind.

Genocides take many forms, at one level there is an aversion to a neighbouring community and the development of aggression followed in some cases by complete extermination.

In addition to total genocides where entire populations are reduced near to zero, the art of cultural genocide continues today as Christianity for instance attempts to replace scientific paganism and other cultural practices as does its offshoot Islam that will happily commit genocide as it does in Kashmir and Myanmar.

This is only a partial

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Australia in Perspective

Behind the news and opinions

Australia is not as glamorous or as glorious as some make out. Most Australians are decent people but there is a culture that runs deep through the Australian administration that’s very bloody-minded. There is still a campaign to deprive the aboriginal peoples of their land and even right to life. More recently the Northern Territory government was exposed for its abusive treatment of children who had been incarcerated and “Australia has been named as the ‘child-stealing’ capital of the Western world.” ~ News First

Being bitten by ticks can cause Lyme disease which is a debilitating and poorly understood condition. If you are in the park or out in the

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