One of the world’s oldest foods and a staple for millions

Bread is most commonly made by baking a dough made from of flour, water and yeast. There are almost infinite combinations of different flours and proportions of ingredients to produce breads for different purposes and tastes. Bread may be served in different forms at any meal of the day, eaten as a snack, and may be used as an ingredient in other culinary preparations.

Archaeologists claim they have traced bread-making back 30,000 years in our history and bread made today may be left unleavened, or leavened and aerated by a number of different processes ranging from the use of naturally-occurring microbes (as in yeast).

Quick breads are those

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An important part of nutrition

Various Breads ca. 2003

We use carbohydrates for energy and they are contained in many of our staple foods which are principally; fruits, grains and root vegetables. The most common carbohydrate element of these foods is starch but if we overeat carbohydrates, we typically get fat.

Carbohydrates are the fuel for our bodies and are derived from foods that are high in carbohydrates or starch like rice whole grains or potatoes.

They enable our bodies to function and perform respiration, reproduction, mobility, circulation and nerve signal transmission. They provide our body the required energy for the skeleton, muscles and central nervous system (including brain and spinal cord). They enable the performance and function

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