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Piles and anal discomfort

Haemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins in the region of the anal cavity, (singular haemorrhoid). This inflammation can happen to anyone and the first symptom is often discomfort.

The blood vessels that swell to become piles surround the anal canal and serve as cushions to help with stool control. They can enlarge and or prolapse to cause discomfort, pain or bleeding so that cleaning your anus becomes a problem due to the discomfort.

The principal causes are thought to be an inadequate consumption of water and fibre rich fresh vegetables along with an excess of processed foods.

Internal haemorrhoids are a prolapse of the veins inside the anal canal and typically they swell and protrude

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Verbascum thapsus

Also known as Aaron’s rod, Our Lady’s flannel, velvet dock, wild ice leaf or blanket herb, Mullein is a very distinctive plant, with large leaves growing mainly close to the ground and a tall spike, which can reach heights of six feet or more, on which its flowers grow. Romans would dry the spike and dip it in tallow to use as a torch. Mullein is traditionally attributed with warding off evil spirits and in classical history, Ulysses took mullein to protect himself against Circe.

Mullein is most useful for clearing the lungs of excess mucus. A mullein tea is easy to make and quite effective for this purpose. Simply add a handful of dried leaves and flowers

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