Neti or Nasal Cleaning

Cleaning the sinuses and nasal passages

This practise provides instant relief from hay-fever attacks and drippy noses. The water cleans away the mucus and the salt sterilises the nasal passage killing harmful bacteria and viruses Following the description is a simplified practise without using a pot then the classical description.

Jalaneti Kriya

Jalaneti is a simple, yet very powerful Yogic cleansing technique of the nasal passages. The aim of the process is to purify the breathing path right from the nostrils to the throat. It removes excess mucus and pollutants from the nasal passages and sinuses allowing air to flow without obstruction.

It relieves allergies, colds, and sinusitis. Jalaneti can prevent and treat other disorders of the ears, eyes and

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Sustaining health

When we have achieved health that is!

Our health is affected by our genetics, upbringing, diet and lifestyle. In this holistic approach to health and longevity we look at the factors of who we are as well as the factors which make us unwell including our beliefs and how we respond to stresses we’re expected to cope with.

Our lives are bound in suffering, yet we have the power to be healthy and free.

You may say ‘yeah right’ as you realise that life has never been easy and even the rich who can afford servants struggle to maintain good health and find any real enjoyment. Life is not fair or

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