A History of Lomi Lomi

An ancient art for modern times

The Lomi Lomi style of holistic bodywork is often referred to as ‘the Rolls Royce of massage’ that’s best known for the deeply relaxing long strokes that sweep the body from tip to toe, over and under, massaging two areas simultaneously and fully engaging the senses so that stress evaporates. As well as being deeply healing, this massage style can also be a divine or transcendental experience.

While Lomi Lomi or Kahuna style massage is thought of as having its roots in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands, it’s actual beginnings were likely bought from India as Hindu’s have been sailing the Pacific for thousands of years. This massage has many modern counterparts; in the

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Lomi Lomi

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of massage

Massage master at work, click image for details

Lomi lomi is a natural evolution of massage. It is a holistic form of treatment that recognises our physical body as a vehicle or vessel for our spirit.

In life, the cells in our bodies are in constant communication with each other, but in times of stress that communication breaks down and we suffer from mental and physical stress.

Therefore lomi lomi works energetically as well as physically to integrate body, mind and soul as the physical stresses are eased out of the muscles and the skeleton is bought back into structural alignment.

In recent years, as well is relieving physical problems, the lomi

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Holistic Body Work

Encompassing what is is to be human

Holistic bodywork is a style of massage that addresses the wholeness of a person including the completeness of their bodies. In practice it is little different from what may be referred to as Swedish massage, however it is typically a complete full body massage.

It can be a massage with or without oils, but above all the therapist to the best of their abilities is attempting to treat a person as a unified being in order to leave them feeling refreshed, stress free and at peace with the world. Done properly, this is a full body massage however many people whose awareness is governed by political correctness in fact do not do a

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The process of administration of humanity and world resources

“The penalty for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by obnoxious or contemptible people.” Plato

As hunter gatherers our ancestors living in small groups developed a simple political system based on communal needs in relation to available food and shelter as the most important elements for their survival. Secondary needs were likely to regulate how people related to each other within the tribe and how they interacted with other tribes while religious rites would have been woven into the political fabric influencing how political decisions were made.

Nothing has changed much in modern history, there is a great ongoing political struggle for power

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