Karmic Health

Illness as a spiritual emergency

I was recently sitting by the bed of a very ill patient who had suffered a major stroke wondering why? Why is it that such a good life ends in such unfair and unimaginable suffering?

The idea dawned on me that perhaps there is some residual suffering that is self inflicted. Just think, today the body fails and the personality becomes angry, disappointed, disillusioned and blames their body, blames God and existence for their pain and this happens in every generation.

Life can be very painful with injuries and illness to body and mind, so if it is correct as Buddhist and Hindus claim that reincarnation is a fact of our human existence, then perhaps

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Mental illnesses

Afflictions in Consciousness

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There is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes a mental illness, what causes mental illness and the path to recovery. Similarly there is no clear understanding of what constitutes a healthy mind so when it comes to looking at mental illness, most of it is purely guesswork.

At the end of the day mental health is a matter of opinion because everyone is conflicted by their ideas and beliefs. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung came up with the idea of psychology and psychoanalysis, yet their understanding of the function of mind was derived by studying chronically ill people many of whom are resided in psychiatric institutions.

No one has ever

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Common Diseases

What are diseases?

A disease or dis-ease is anything that makes us feel unwell or suffer in any way. In that sense, ignorance as a cause of suffering is a disease.

Despite the improvements in hygiene and living standards, the best available drugs and medications, dis-ease continues to manifest in many different ways.

As we progress as a society and as a civilisation dis-ease at this time in our history is as rampant as ever and new diseases continually appear

Here we present a little of what we know about various conditions and what may influence a positive outcome.

What is a disease?

A disease is:

Anything that is against humanity Anything that causes pain and suffering Anything

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A Holistic View

Candida Yeast Infections can infect all bodily systems, its been a social and medical dilemma without easy access to answers or remedies for generations. When the immune system is compromised or fails to control candida, infection occurs. Infections can occur locally in the form of a yeast infection or oral thrush, but it can also enter the blood stream and cause a systemic infection.

Millions of men and women have yeast infections that are causing, directly or indirectly, a significant number of health problems or conditions. If it is not completely removed and/or the body protected, it will continue to grow and will reduce your resistance to a host of physical aliments and complications.

The devastation and

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